10 Weeks & Grumpiness

Well, today is 10 weeks! WHOA! That’s 25% of the way.  Crazy!

Today I went in for my first OB appointment.  I scheduled it two weeks ago by calling and saying “I need to schedule my first OB appointment.”  They said “Okay.  10:00 on 11/26.” I said “Okay!”  So, I go in today and the nurse calls us back into her office to go over my medical history.  When we walk into her office, she says “Have you scheduled your first OB appointment too?”  I said “um, yep.  That’s today.”  She said “No, all you’re doing today is your medical history.  Since you had a scan before you left your specialist, we won’t do one until you’re 12 weeks.”  So, I said (as calmly as I could) “Well, when I called to make the appointment, I said I needed to schedule my first OB appointment.  They didn’t tell me that it would only be history or else I wouldn’t have asked my husband to take off work.”  I’m also quite emotional right now, so even though I was more mad than sad, I started to tear up.  I said “Well, since we aren’t doing anything important today, can I go ahead and go to the bathroom since you won’t need a sample today?”  She knew I was pissed.  She tried to apologize later, but I wasn’t having it.  You should give pregnant people all of the information so that they don’t go crazy.  We are already crazy, so you have to be careful with us.

So what does all this mean?  This means that it will be another 2.5 weeks until my next ultrasound.  Until I can hear the heartbeat for the first time.  Until I have my first blood work, urine analyses, blood pressure and weight check.  Does it seem right to have to wait until 12 weeks for all of this stuff?  I’m new to this, so i’m not sure how to judge how mad I should be right now…. on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being “I will beat you with my shoe angry) I feel like i’m still hovering around a 7 at the moment.

At least they were able to give me a flu shot today….

Next appointment — An actual OB appointment — 12/12/12

9 Weeks

Wow…. 9 weeks! Amazing!

I had my very first dream about being pregnant last night.  My due date is June 24th and my anniversary is June 23rd.  So my dream was about trying to get a wedding dress for our second wedding (which doesn’t actually exist) and trying to make sure it’s big enough to fit my belly since my due date would be the following day.  It made me feel good to have that dream.  Even though I’ve seen my scans, it’s still been a week and a half since I’ve seen squirrel on the ultrasound and everyday since then I’ve wondered if everything is still going well.  My breasts and nipples still feel the same, i’m more and more exhausted and I still get the “growing pain” feelings across my stomach and back.  All of this is very reassuring.  I don’t get as nauseous as I was.  I was having it all day long for a few days, but now it’s back to where it was before with some slight nausea after foods or smells just don’t sit right.  I still love all my symptoms!  I think once my belly starts to show, I’ll be able to take that as my anxiety relief.

I have been a bit more moody in the past couple of days too.  Last night I cried for about 20 minutes before falling asleep because my husband didn’t give me a kiss before he rolled over to sleep.  Buuuut… he thought I was asleep.  So why would he?  haha Irrational crying.. haven’t had that in a while.  I still cry at the TV a lot.  We were watching football last night, and a guy got injured and I started tearing up.  Luckily my husband didn’t see this. 🙂

One week exactly until my next scan, which is my first OB appointment!

Stressful “Friends”

I just deleted a friend from Facebook.  A “friend” I “met” on the internet when I was in 9th grade.  He’s always been a grade A ass, but I’ve been able to put up with it or ignore it, but today he pissed me off and it was time to cut him off.  Ah, it feels so good to delete another person from my Facebook.  I wonder why that feels so good? Hmmm…

So, somehow, we got on the subject of Low T.  He says that it’s caused by men being “lazy, couch potatoes who won’t get up and exercise and eat right.”  So I went a little crazy on him.  I know two couples who are struggling to make their families because their husbands have Low T.  They are spending thousands of dollars on medical treatments to try and have a child any way they can.  I THINK if they could just workout and eat differently, they would.  Then later in the conversation (I guess after he Googled it) he said that it could be caused by other things, but that the majority is caused by men just being lazy.  I was fuming.  My husband doesn’t have the lowest testosterone, but it is lower than average, which causes a low sperm count with low motility and high morphology.  This is part of our struggle, and this jackass claiming that he knows all about it because his libido was low once because he hadn’t worked out in a couple weeks makes me SO ANGRY.  My husband plays basketball, softball, football, disc golf, regular golf and any other type of sport he can and he also eats right and isn’t over weight.

Did I overreact deleting him?  Nope, it was time.  He just happened to cross a line he didn’t know he was crossing and then once he was told there was a line and that he was walking all over it, is proceeded to do a dance on top of it and rub his dirty shoes all over it.  So glad I don’t have to deal with people like that in my real life.  If I did, I would hope that they would be smart enough to believe someone who obviously knows more about it than they do and shut their mouths until they are more informed.

Whew… sorry about the rant, but that really made me upset.

8 Weeks

Today I am officially considered 8 weeks! Woo!  Since I was going off of an online due date calculator, which ended up not being 100% accurate for me, I ended up having to live through week 7 twice!  That was a long second week!

So far my symptoms are pretty sporadic, other than being tired, which is constant and overwhelming.  Every now and then I am nauseated from breakfast to bed time.  I have realized that milk and milk-like products are a huge no-no.  We made some tetrazzini the other night, which contains whipping cream and mushrooms.  Not sure whether it was the whipping cream or the mushrooms or both, but needless to say I will be staying away from both of those items.  I’ve also been eating cheese and crackers for a mid-day snack, but not I’m just down to crackers.  It’s all totally worth it though!  Also, my breasts are huge, my nipples are tender and getting up even slightly quickly makes me dizzy.  So, nothing really new besides the nausea being really nasty when it decides to visit.  Still haven’t thrown up yet though! Woo!

Last time I mentioned that my doctor said I could stop progesterone the day of my appointment.  That would have been 7 weeks 2 days, so after some super Googling, I realized that almost everyone who has gone through this has been on the suppositories until at least week 10.  So I decided that I would self medicate… ha!  On 7 weeks 2 days I started weaning myself off.  I didn’t want to go from 300 units (forget how they are measured) to nothing so early in the pregnancy before the placenta had even taken over!  So now I’m doing 200 a day.  One suppository every 12 hours.  So far I feel exactly the same, except my boobs hurt a little more and the nausea has stepped up it’s game, but I’m not sure if it’s related to decreasing my dosage, or getting closer to 8 weeks.  I guess we’ll see how it goes when I get down to 1 a day.  I’m going to start 1 a day this Friday and go until the following Friday.  That way when I go into my first OB appointment on Monday and they check my progesterone, if it turns out my body isn’t making enough, i’ll know right away instead of 2 weeks later!  I think that seems like a logical plan, right? RIGHT?!

In other news, I went to a party on Saturday (one my of most nauseated days so far) and I was sitting down to eat with the hostess (one of my most favorite people).  She knows that I’m pregnant, so when I was only eating a piece of cornbread and some mashed potatoes, she understood that I had eaten dinner before arriving.  No way I can wait until 8:00 to eat dinner anymore!  So as we were sitting there, and I was eating slowly to make sure everything was going to settle, I noticed that she wasn’t eating a lot, and when she did eat she was making this “ugh” noise.  So I looked at her and said, “is there something you need to tell me?”  So we went upstairs to have a little chat.  Turns out she got a positive HPT on Friday!  That is SO exciting!  She’s only 3 weeks and a day behind me too, so that’s even more exciting.  I’m wishing the best for us both so that we can get big and pregnant together and then have little ones super close together.  Amazing!  And it only took her three months of trying, which makes me so happy for her.  Sticky vibes!!

I know my updating has been lacking, but I think I’m going to stick with updating each week and after appointments.  It makes me feel more confident that things are progressing. 🙂

Next appointment: November 26th! (2 weeks to go!)

7 Weeks 2 Days – Scan 2

Oopsy, I’ve been a little ahead of myself so far.  Turns out that even though you can calculate your due date from your retrieval or your 3 days transfer, it turns out that may not be the actual due date.  Who knew?!  Anyway, I thought I was 7 weeks 6 days today, but I guess squirrel implanted a little later because he/she is at 7 weeks 2 days.  Completely normal, says the RE.  I will trust her.  Now I’m off to the OB as a normal pregnant lady….weird!

One thing I wasn’t expecting today was that they told me I could stop my progesterone suppositories today.  She said to go ahead and finish what I have (which would be enough to make it through Saturday) but that I could technically stop today.  Whaaaaat?  I thought I was supposed to be on these things until 10 weeks.  Now I’m hearing that I can stop before I’m even 8 weeks?  Hmmm… I’m thinking I may cheat the system.  Instead of stopping today, and instead of taking all three doses each day until Saturday, I may just take two doses per day and drag it out until I am officially 8 weeks.

When did everyone else stop their progesterone?  My friend who did IVF last year said that stopping the progesterone would be stressful and she is absolutely right.  I feel like that’s my baby growing safety net.  Eeeep!!

I am going to call the OB today and see what my next step is…. pretty exciting!  I have no idea what to expect from here on out.  New territory!!

P.S. Baby heartbeat = amazing.  I can’t wait to hear it!

Leibster Nomination #2 and My Nominations

Wow, I’m feeling the love out there ladies and gents.

I was nominated a second time for a Liebster Nomination by Pregnancy Via IVF @ Our Work of A.R.T.  Thanks lady!  Now, let’s get to those questions…

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?  I’ve never really been an adventurous sort of person.  I guess I’d just like to live somewhere warm, with a low crime rate and good job selection.  –That’s boring, right?  Okay, Hawaii!
  2. What is your favorite food?  I eat Mexican food at least three times a week, but a good, homemade lasagna (either my grandmother’s or my own) would be a winner.
  3. What is your favorite holiday and why?  Christmas.  Even though we have to travel around the state to visit both sides of the family (eek).  I love the decorations and the food and the lounging around with family.
  4. If you could be any person for just one day who would you be?  Maybe Tina Fey.  She’s hilarious and rich and she doesn’t give a crap (or appear to give a crap) what anyone thinks of her.  She is the embodiment of girl power.
  5. If you could have dinner with 3 people, dead or alive, who would they be?  Christopher Walken (although I think he’s probably terrifying), Tina Fey (hilariousness) and Jon Stewart (because he’s awesome).  Of course i’m exceptionally shy, so I doubt I’d speak one word at my fictional dinner.
  6. What is your favorite season? Fall.  I love the colors, the decor and the smells of fall.  Pumpkin Spice candle from Yankee Candle, anyone?
  7. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?  I’d say maybe the ability to let things go.  When someone says something that I think is ridiculous, I do not have the ability to stop myself from saying what I think.  I’m getting better, but I still get a bit snippy at times.  I also hold a wicked grudge.
  8. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?  When I was in elementary school, my friends and I decided that running across the bleachers and jumping onto the next set was a super fun idea.  Well, I misjudged one of the distances and ended up landing right on the edge, with my crotch.  I fell to the ground in unbearable pain, crying, and curled up into a ball.  If that wasn’t bad enough, a crowd had formed and when the teacher came to help, she asked me what hurt.  I told her I couldn’t tell her right at that second, but I guess there was a rule that said she couldn’t move me until I had notified everyone in the area what hurt.  So I had to say “I hit my lady parts on the corner of the bleacher.”  (Not sure of the exact wording, but it probably went a little like that and featured some snotting and blotchy red face).  The confession of my injury got a really good laugh out of everyone, along with some finger pointing.  Kids can be so cruel.  My vagina eventually healed.
  9. If you could pick one super power to have what would it be and why?  I have always said that my super power of choice would be to be able to find missing people and know what happened to them.  There are thousands and thousands of people who are just… gone.  Where are they?  How could that many people just vanish?  I want to know where they are and what happened to them so that their families can have closure.  Or, if they left because their families are horrible people, I can tell the police and the horrible people can be locked up while the missing person goes on about their lives in sunny-wherever.
  10. What is your favorite movie of all time?  The Muppet Christmas Carol.  I know.. I’m a huge dork, but if you can watch that movie and not feel all the love and joy in your body trying to burst out of your heart, then you may not have a heart.  Get that checked out.
  11. Why do you blog?  I blog so that I can remember what I’m going through.  The emotions, the treatments, the anger and the happiness.  I wish I had started with my IUI’s, but that probably would have been way too angry for anyone to enjoy.


Now, I know I’m supposed to nominate people for a Liebster myself, but I’ve noticed that a lot of people are either choosing not to do them at all, or they are being nominated more than once and do not wish to keep doing it again and again.  I, myself, do not mind answering questions.  It brings me back to the good old days of my first online diary and the stupid things I wrote as a teenager.  Those were some scary times, folks.

So, since our community seems to be a bit small for nominations to continue like they are, I’ve decided that I am going to nominate everyone who wants to do it.  Anyone who follows this blog, happens to stumble across it, or just likes answering questions in survey form, is welcome to join in on the fun.  I hope some of you do!

1.  What is your favorite webpage to visit?  Why?
2.  What is the most difficult habit you have that you’ve tried to break and couldn’t?
3.  What is your favorite TV show?  Why?
4.  If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
5.  Are you more interested in what’s in space or what’s in the ocean?  Why?
6.  What is your favorite smell?
7.  Do you have an all-time favorite picture?  Why is it your favorite? (Post it if you can!)
8.  If you were to make a smoothie right now, what would you put in it?
9.  If you could eat something for dinner that wasn’t considered dinner (Ex: Reese Cups), what would it be?
10.  What was your least favorite subject in school?  Why?  Do you still have nightmares about it?
11.  What would your dream job be?

Enjoy, folks!  I look forward to seeing your answers! 🙂

7 weeks and a UTI?

I am officially 7 weeks today. Woo!  I am in serious need of a scan every day or two though… I need to see that little heartbeat to put my mind at ease.  Six more days until the next scan!

On another note, I think I may have a UTI.  Usually when I get a UTI I notice it, and about two hours later i’m in incredible pain and peeing blood.  This is different.  Once I pee and make sure I get every last drop out, I stand up and feel the stinging, immediate need to go again.  I know I don’t have anything left, so I go lay or sit down and I can still feel the stinging for a little while.  It’s not constant.  It only happens every now and then, so I figured it might just be something to do with the progesterone or the frequent need to pee. Today I was feeling it more often, so I emailed the doctor to see what he thinks.  It’s not causing me any pain and I’m not peeing blood, so I know it’s not to a dangerous place yet, if it is a UTI, but hopefully I can get in and get it checked out just to see.  I’m hoping it’s just something pregnancy related though.  I really don’t want to take any medication in my first trimester, even if it is considered safe.  What do you ladies think?  Anyone out there experienced this?  Anyone had a UTI and gone on medication?