The Demon Time-Suck (AKA Facebook)

I recently had to re-sign in to my Spotify account, something I rarely do because I am one of those people who never logs out of anything.  Could be because I’m lazy, could be because I can never remember which password goes where exactly.  Probably a good mix of both, but the fact remains that I had to actually log back in to Spotify today, like some sort of person from the stone age who did not have Google immediately remember my information and do it for me.  Ugh, how did people live back then?

When I logged back in, Spotify automatically connected me to Facebook.  I guess this is something it’s always done, but I never noticed or cared because it’s only been two months since I deactivated my Facebook account.  Imagine my surprise when I receive an email welcoming me back to Facebook.  Yes, they do that when you leave and then come back. They welcome you back.  Probably like a drug dealer welcomes you back to the den.  “Don’t you want to see what your friends and family think about politics and religion?  Mmmm… feel that red hot heat flowing through your veins?  That’s the good stuff!”

Blerg.  No thank you.  I am done.  I spent five minutes dancing with the demon time-suck when I went back to deactivate, and that was enough.  I no longer care where you went to dinner, or what you think about the latest sporting event, or how many babies you have.  Sorry, if I like you enough, I’ll already know these things.  I have spent the past seven weeks actually reaching out to people through messenger (yes, you can still have messenger with Facebook), and text.  I ask them about their days, their kids, their lives. We send pictures and joke, and we don’t have to have the whole world see what we are discussing.  We don’t do it for show, or to elicit responses from that girl I knew in high school who was kind of mean to me the one time I talked to her, but sort of seems like she’s okay now.

It’s amazing.  Do it.  Cut that demon off and tell it to go back to the spiraling vortex of internet time-suckage where it belongs. Enough wasting your time scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.  Get back to the people you care about.  Talk to them directly.  Don’t settle for the shiny Facebook persona that so many people (including myself when I was posting multiple times a day) shine for everyone to see.  No one is that person all of the time.

Get off of Facebook and do something.  Go outside.  Learn to crochet, or paint, or bake. Actually look your children in the face when they talk to you.  You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in those hours you’re currently wasting.

Stressful “Friends”

I just deleted a friend from Facebook.  A “friend” I “met” on the internet when I was in 9th grade.  He’s always been a grade A ass, but I’ve been able to put up with it or ignore it, but today he pissed me off and it was time to cut him off.  Ah, it feels so good to delete another person from my Facebook.  I wonder why that feels so good? Hmmm…

So, somehow, we got on the subject of Low T.  He says that it’s caused by men being “lazy, couch potatoes who won’t get up and exercise and eat right.”  So I went a little crazy on him.  I know two couples who are struggling to make their families because their husbands have Low T.  They are spending thousands of dollars on medical treatments to try and have a child any way they can.  I THINK if they could just workout and eat differently, they would.  Then later in the conversation (I guess after he Googled it) he said that it could be caused by other things, but that the majority is caused by men just being lazy.  I was fuming.  My husband doesn’t have the lowest testosterone, but it is lower than average, which causes a low sperm count with low motility and high morphology.  This is part of our struggle, and this jackass claiming that he knows all about it because his libido was low once because he hadn’t worked out in a couple weeks makes me SO ANGRY.  My husband plays basketball, softball, football, disc golf, regular golf and any other type of sport he can and he also eats right and isn’t over weight.

Did I overreact deleting him?  Nope, it was time.  He just happened to cross a line he didn’t know he was crossing and then once he was told there was a line and that he was walking all over it, is proceeded to do a dance on top of it and rub his dirty shoes all over it.  So glad I don’t have to deal with people like that in my real life.  If I did, I would hope that they would be smart enough to believe someone who obviously knows more about it than they do and shut their mouths until they are more informed.

Whew… sorry about the rant, but that really made me upset.