9 Weeks

Wow…. 9 weeks! Amazing!

I had my very first dream about being pregnant last night.  My due date is June 24th and my anniversary is June 23rd.  So my dream was about trying to get a wedding dress for our second wedding (which doesn’t actually exist) and trying to make sure it’s big enough to fit my belly since my due date would be the following day.  It made me feel good to have that dream.  Even though I’ve seen my scans, it’s still been a week and a half since I’ve seen squirrel on the ultrasound and everyday since then I’ve wondered if everything is still going well.  My breasts and nipples still feel the same, i’m more and more exhausted and I still get the “growing pain” feelings across my stomach and back.  All of this is very reassuring.  I don’t get as nauseous as I was.  I was having it all day long for a few days, but now it’s back to where it was before with some slight nausea after foods or smells just don’t sit right.  I still love all my symptoms!  I think once my belly starts to show, I’ll be able to take that as my anxiety relief.

I have been a bit more moody in the past couple of days too.  Last night I cried for about 20 minutes before falling asleep because my husband didn’t give me a kiss before he rolled over to sleep.  Buuuut… he thought I was asleep.  So why would he?  haha Irrational crying.. haven’t had that in a while.  I still cry at the TV a lot.  We were watching football last night, and a guy got injured and I started tearing up.  Luckily my husband didn’t see this. 🙂

One week exactly until my next scan, which is my first OB appointment!


6 thoughts on “9 Weeks

  1. Aw we have the same due date! Although I have adjusted mine back a few days as I ovulated late in my cycle so i think 27th June is more realistic. Symptoms are so reassuring and I’ve hardly had any but plenty of those stretching pains! All the best I will keep up with your blog x

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