10 Weeks & Grumpiness

Well, today is 10 weeks! WHOA! That’s 25% of the way.  Crazy!

Today I went in for my first OB appointment.  I scheduled it two weeks ago by calling and saying “I need to schedule my first OB appointment.”  They said “Okay.  10:00 on 11/26.” I said “Okay!”  So, I go in today and the nurse calls us back into her office to go over my medical history.  When we walk into her office, she says “Have you scheduled your first OB appointment too?”  I said “um, yep.  That’s today.”  She said “No, all you’re doing today is your medical history.  Since you had a scan before you left your specialist, we won’t do one until you’re 12 weeks.”  So, I said (as calmly as I could) “Well, when I called to make the appointment, I said I needed to schedule my first OB appointment.  They didn’t tell me that it would only be history or else I wouldn’t have asked my husband to take off work.”  I’m also quite emotional right now, so even though I was more mad than sad, I started to tear up.  I said “Well, since we aren’t doing anything important today, can I go ahead and go to the bathroom since you won’t need a sample today?”  She knew I was pissed.  She tried to apologize later, but I wasn’t having it.  You should give pregnant people all of the information so that they don’t go crazy.  We are already crazy, so you have to be careful with us.

So what does all this mean?  This means that it will be another 2.5 weeks until my next ultrasound.  Until I can hear the heartbeat for the first time.  Until I have my first blood work, urine analyses, blood pressure and weight check.  Does it seem right to have to wait until 12 weeks for all of this stuff?  I’m new to this, so i’m not sure how to judge how mad I should be right now…. on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being “I will beat you with my shoe angry) I feel like i’m still hovering around a 7 at the moment.

At least they were able to give me a flu shot today….

Next appointment — An actual OB appointment — 12/12/12


5 thoughts on “10 Weeks & Grumpiness

  1. Thats not right…At my first OB appt I had a sono just to confirm the dating from the RE…they did urine and everything…I went back at 12 weeks for the NT scan…can you go to the a different practice?

    • I just switched to this practice in August because my other practice was awful (put me on Clomid without doing an HSG — Checked me for herpes when I had a tear on my labia)… I just thought for sure I should have blood work and urine stuff done today.. even if they didn’t do a scan. So now i’ll have my first real OB appointment and my NT scan within the same week!

      • I didnt have bloodwork at my first appt since it was done with the RE…I did have a full panel at my 12 week including STD’s…I guess every practice is different

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