7 Weeks 2 Days – Scan 2

Oopsy, I’ve been a little ahead of myself so far.  Turns out that even though you can calculate your due date from your retrieval or your 3 days transfer, it turns out that may not be the actual due date.  Who knew?!  Anyway, I thought I was 7 weeks 6 days today, but I guess squirrel implanted a little later because he/she is at 7 weeks 2 days.  Completely normal, says the RE.  I will trust her.  Now I’m off to the OB as a normal pregnant lady….weird!

One thing I wasn’t expecting today was that they told me I could stop my progesterone suppositories today.  She said to go ahead and finish what I have (which would be enough to make it through Saturday) but that I could technically stop today.  Whaaaaat?  I thought I was supposed to be on these things until 10 weeks.  Now I’m hearing that I can stop before I’m even 8 weeks?  Hmmm… I’m thinking I may cheat the system.  Instead of stopping today, and instead of taking all three doses each day until Saturday, I may just take two doses per day and drag it out until I am officially 8 weeks.

When did everyone else stop their progesterone?  My friend who did IVF last year said that stopping the progesterone would be stressful and she is absolutely right.  I feel like that’s my baby growing safety net.  Eeeep!!

I am going to call the OB today and see what my next step is…. pretty exciting!  I have no idea what to expect from here on out.  New territory!!

P.S. Baby heartbeat = amazing.  I can’t wait to hear it!

10 thoughts on “7 Weeks 2 Days – Scan 2

  1. My EDD is off from what it should have been after egg retrieval by about 4 days as well – which I thought was weird but everything keeps measuring with the same EDD so I’ll take it. I think I stopped progesterone around week 8 as well. It was scary but my RE said that there was no way I’d be that far along and not be naturally making enough progesterone on my own. Not having to use inserts anymore was a nice change on the plus side!

    • Yea, it will be nice to not have the white goo all the time, but it is nerve wracking. I’m glad that you ended up stopping around 8 weeks as well. That puts my mind at ease. I wish my normal RE wasn’t on vacation, this lady I had today is a little less helpful with the bedside manners.

  2. MY EDD is based on my 5 day transfer and is accurate…I think everyone measures a little different and a mm can make a huge difference…I came off of PIO at 10 weeks 2 days since by then the placenta should be producing enough to sustain the pregnancy…I would prob keep taking them if it were me…what was your progesterone level?

    • They haven’t checked my progesterone level since my second Beta. Wish they had, but I guess after verifying with two beta’s, their job is just to make sure it’s growing and then you get sent off.

      • Yea, everything I see online seems to think that staying on it until 10-12 weeks is best. I think I’ll order my refill, but I’ll wean myself to two suppositories a day. And I’ll email MY RE on Monday when he’s back from vacation. 🙂 hehe

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