First OB Scan – 6 Weeks 5 Days

I am 6 week 5 days today and I just got back from our first OB scan.  I am SO excited to say that we got to see a heartbeat today!!!  We have a little singleton in there, just chillin, waiting for us to come in next week and take more pictures.  Finally, a little bit of stress relief!  I told my husband I will let myself relax for the next three days before I start stressing out about the next scan.  He called me a goob.  😀

I am so excited!  Here’s hoping all our scans are just as exciting!

Second OB scan November 7th – Last scan at the RE office as long as everything is still looking good!  Yay!!

Liebster Nomination

Thanks to Truffle Love @ BFP Envy for a Liebster nomination!  I am overjoyed and honored to be thought of.  I’ve been a bit slack with my posts lately, but maybe this will give me a jump start. 🙂

Now, let’s answer those questions and I’ll put my nominations up some time this week…

  1. Where is the most exciting place you have traveled to?  I just recently visited Hawaii with my husband and his family.  We went to Oahu and stayed for nine days.  It was  beautiful, but I must admit that the tourists (of which I was one) were a bit distracting from the natural landscape and beauty that the islands possess.  I’m hoping they will always remember that the islands are special and beautiful and take care to keep them that way.  Is it strange to want to visit a place but also be off-put by all the people visiting and making a place too touristy? Hmm…
  2. Do you prefer chips or cookies? Chips! I am a salt’o’holic!  I love a chocolate chip cookie, but I can only eat a few of those at a time.  Give me a bag of chips and I can finish them off in no time!
  3. Coffee or tea?  Tea! Sweet tea to be exact…. I am from North Carolina after all. 🙂
  4. What is one thing you always carry with you in your purse?  Lotion!  If I don’t put lotion on my hands every 30 minutes then the world may stop spinning.  It boarders on obsession, really.  I have very dry hands and can’t stand to be lotionless.  I will stop at a drug store to buy lotion even if I’m on the way home and only have five minutes.  Seriously.  Sad, right?
  5. Do you typically wear high heels or flats?  Flats.  I cannot wear high heels.  I have a huge arch and my toes go numb and I get a charlie horse just putting my feet into a high heeled shoe.  Watching other people walk around in high heels makes me cringe because I think of how bad they hurt my own feet.  You rock em if you can, ladies!
  6. What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?  A good strawberry daiquiri is always appreciated.   I prefer my alcohol to not taste like alcohol.
  7. What is your favorite book and why?  Oh, yikes.  I’m an English major with a love for reading, so let’s try to answer this in the shortest possible way.  I love all the Harry Potter books.  I think the story is so marvelously put together it’s almost too good to be true.  The book Lamb by Christopher Moore is easily the funniest book I’ve ever read.  I mean, it’s the story of Jesus told from the point of view of his best friend, Biff, what’s not to like?  Also the book The Varieties of the Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God by Carl Sagan is great and really helped me through my miscarriage last year.  A view of the world with science and logic and common sense was exactly what I needed at the time.  Also, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells is so amazing.  A view on what the world looks like hundreds of thousands of years into the future and how society behaves.  Then how the world ends.  Beautifully written and amazing to think about. Wow, I could go on forever…. but I’ll stop now. 😉
  8. If you won a million dollars, what is the first big purchase you would splurge on?  I would buy my parents and my sister new houses and cars.  My splurge for myself would probably be a huge clothes shopping spree!  Yea new clothes!
  9. Who is your celebrity crush?  Oh my… I can’t really narrow this down.  I’ll just put it this way, if there is a cute, dorky guy, I will prefer him over the chiseled, tanned guy.  Examples:  One the show Bones, I would go for Sweets before Booth.  Big Bang Theory would be Stewart before… uh, I guess they are all dorks.  Criminal Minds would be Spencer before Derek.  Parks and Rec would be Ben before Chris…. and so on.  Show me a sweet, smart, dorky guy and that’s the one I’ll crush on.
  10. What is the last movie that you watched that made you cry?  I went to see One Year with my friend last year.  I was expecting some sort of feel good romantic comedy.  WRONG!! WRONG WRONG WRONG!! That movie was horribly depressing.  Stay far away!
  11. What is one wonderful thing you would like to share about your significant other?  He loves me all the time.  Who could ask for more? 🙂

Telling The In-Laws

We told the in-laws a few hours ago.  They are ecstatic.  I’m hoping to be able to give them a healthy, happy grand-baby in 8 months!  I thought I’d share the picture of how we told them.  We play scrabble all the time with them.  It’s kind of our thing.  So this is how we did it!  It feels nice to have some family know now.  My family gets to know at Christmas.  🙂

Five Weeks

I’ve made it to five weeks!  As far as I know, everything is still progressing well.  Breasts and nipples are sore, nauseous sometimes (depending on what I eat and if I don’t eat soon enough after waking up and between meals), some aching in my back, and tired.  I’m still getting the cramps when I pee (sometimes, not every time) and right before I realize I have gas.  It’s like a little preemptive warning for me “here comes a cramp, be prepared to poot!”  Too much information? Ah, come on, you guys know me by now!

The fact that it’s been five days since I’ve had any sort of testing to verify that things are still progressing is kind of stressful, but this is the way it goes.  Two week waits are the bane of pregnancy.  I think us infertiles should get special, mental treatment.  Right? RIGHT?!

I’m glad I haven’t had anymore of those pubic pains.  Those hurt like a bia, but the three ladies I’ve talked to about it all said they had those pains in early pregnancy.  I also have all of my symptoms and I haven’t had any normal cramping or bleeding, so I’m hopeful that everything is still progressing nicely.

We are telling the in-laws tonight.  They gave us the loan for the treatments, and they know that we are currently doing the treatments, so my husband wants to tell them tonight when they come to visit.  He figured this may be the only time we can surprise them because they are eventually going to ask what’s going on.  His mother has been calling every two days, which is very unusual, and asking how things are going.  My husband is acting oblivious and just saying “fine, how’s it going with you?” haha I’m sure that’s why they are visiting this weekend, she’s tired of his not-answering her underlying question.  Hilarious.

I’m considering starting my belly pictures today.  I can’t keep thinking that this pregnancy isn’t going to work, I need to act like a person who doesn’t have fertility issues and a miscarriage in her past.  I need my mind to be happy and healthy so that my body can be happy and healthy to support this pregnancy.  Easier said than done, maybe, but I’m going to try my hardest!

Oh, and I saw a picture on Pinterest of a girl doing her belly pictures…. she was 18 weeks and smaller than I am now.  Thank you progesterone!  I don’t mind, I think it helps me even more to see a little pooch there already.  I have something to rub.  I feel like I’m my own troll doll.  🙂


Okay, ladies, not sure if you’ve all experienced this, or none of you, but I’ll share my experience.  Today I thought my pubic area was going to explode.  That’s how bad the pain was down there.  It started across my entire abdomen.  It wasn’t cramps, but it was cramp like.  I’ve been having these pains when I pee and when I have gas, and apparently they are completely normal.  They just decided to sneak attack on me today all at once.  I knew it wasn’t cramps, again, because when it was in my abdomen, it radiated down into my pubic area.  It was one of the weirdest pains I’ve ever had.  I’ve had two friends tell me they are round ligament pains.

I finally laid down and got some sleep.  Slept for about an hour and when I got up to let the dogs out, the pain had moved to groin/pubic area only.  It was unbearable to even stand up.  Luckily, my trusty phone found a website ( that told me that this was a normal pain.  For a little while, I was worried, no matter what my friends kept telling me “it’s normal, lay down and try to relax.”  Pain when pregnant seems bad to me, but I guess some pain is necessary, what with the stretching and the whatnot.

This brings me to another important thing that happened to me today.  I decided that pregnancy scans should be done every three days at least.  My brain is going to be on hyperdrive until my scan on the 30th, especially after today.  I know that the pain wasn’t cramping, it only lasted a total of 45 minutes all together and it wasn’t in an area that would scream miscarriage…. so i’m trying to get my head back into a relaxed mode.  I think I might get some HPT’s to pee on for the next couple weeks….

Second Beta

Second beta is in and the number was 630!!  Up from 79.  She said “the numbers could not be progressing any more perfectly.  They almost double doubled!”  Oh wow. I am over the moon right now.

First OB scan on the 30th.  Another two week wait, but I didn’t even make it this far last time so I am so grateful.  I plan on keeping my exact same schedule of relaxing and eating the best things I can.  I’m not going to change a single thing in my routine!

I know we have a long way to go, but for right now, I am going to be super excited! 🙂

12dp3dt — HPT hehe

I took an HPT this morning when I woke up.  Still pregnant!  Of course, it doesn’t measure HOW pregnant, but the fact that it still shows up at all makes me feel better.  Too bad we have to wait four days instead of two for the second Beta. Poop. I think that was my last HPT too….. I’d like to take one every day this weekend, but maybe I will stay strong?? Eehhhh…

I had some weird discoloration on my pantie liner this morning… Like, light, light brown/yellowish?  Could this be some stuff from implantation coming out?  Or maybe some irritation from shoving suppositories up there for two straight weeks, three times a day? I’m not going to read too much into it.  My mother in law said she had period type bleeding every month while she was pregnant and this wasn’t even pink!

Yesterday brought me some mental relief.  I was finally able to nap!  Now I’m all hyped up again.. waiting for the next appointment….

I seem to have a nightly pee schedule too.  2AM and 6AM… like clockwork!  I like all of my continued signs.  I hope they stay with me! I LOVE the symptoms!  Bring them on! Keep em coming!  Let me keep this baby happy and healthy so that it can be carried and brought into the world! 🙂 Please please please!

The First Results Are In….

…and they are POSITIVE! 🙂  I want to go on and on about how excited we are (because we are SO excited), but since we got a positive on our first beta with our first IUI and then a negative on our second, I’m a bit hesitant to be over the moon just yet.

Our next Beta is set for Monday… the numbers should have quadrupled from today.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

The doctor called me himself (have I mentioned how much I like this doctor?) and told me the good news.  I asked if my numbers were good and he said they were very good.  HCG at 79 and Progesterone at 42.  Since he called himself and told me the numbers were “very good,” I am very hopeful that this is proceeding a lot better than last time.  Last time my first beta was really low.  We are taking this good news one step at a time.

For now, I am still chugging water.  I read that it’s because your body makes more blood for your growing baby and it somehow makes you super thirsty?  I don’t mind at all!  I don’t even mind the peeing every hour on the hour.  I also don’t mind the nausea… which seems to be mainly caused by milk, cheese or yogurt.  I will take all of the symptoms!  I am just so happy that this is starting out on a positive note!

One step at a time… but for now… very happy!

Big Day Tomorrow….

Tomorrow is a huge day for us.  Beta Day.  To say that I have been freaking out over the past few days would be putting it mildly.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping because my brain just won’t shut off.  I’m constantly wondering if that weirdness I just felt in my abdomen, breast, head, or wherever, is a sign of pregnancy or of an upcoming period.  Well, tomorrow we will know for sure and I’m terrified.

All I can do is hope and pray and wish for the best tomorrow.  My husband took the day off work so that he could TRY and keep me calm while we wait for the results.

Big day tomorrow…. huge day!

Purple Pee

My friend and I decided last year during my IUI’s that pregnancy needs a better set of symptoms.  Something concrete and in your face.  Unmistakable.  That’s when we decided that purple pee would be perfect!  No mixing that up with period symptoms.  Look in the toilet… see purple… rejoice!

There has to be a way to make that happen.  Let’s get on it!

8dp3dt — Today I will distract myself by going to see a movie with the husband!