16 Week Appointment

Yesterday was my 16 week appointment.  Standard appointment (from what I’ve been told about appointments).  Pee in a cup, blood pressure and then a chat with the doctor about how I’m feeling, followed by listening to the heartbeat.  I love the heartbeat. 🙂  It was right around 145, which she said was great.  Then she measured my stomach/bump/uterus?  That’s when she decided that I was measuring too big for 16w3d. I had no idea what that meant.. maybe the RE shouldn’t have pushed my due date back four days?  The doctor told me that it usually means that there is extra amniotic fluid, which isn’t bad, but she wanted to do an ultrasound asap to check and see exactly what was causing it and have it documented.

Okay, no biggy.  So I went to check out and the lady saw the note and said “I’m going to see if they can get you in right now!”  Huh, uh oh! I thought maybe next week sometime.  So she goes to the back and finds out that they can fit me in soon.  So I go to the waiting room and text my husband like crazy.  I couldn’t bring myself to Google it.  I was surrounded by people in the waiting room and didn’t want to get emotional if I did read something bad.  Luckily my husband is awesome and he Googled and let me know that the few things that could cause it, aren’t serious. Whew!  I was still upset that he couldn’t be there, but I figured it would be a quick in and out and on my way.

Within about 20-25 minutes, I was called back.  Warm, gooey gel was applied (yay for gel warmers!) and then I asked “hey, is there anyway you might be able to tell what the sex is today?”  She said she thought there was… woooo!! I might be able to surprise my husband with something!!  Now I was super excited.

She checked the fluid and everything looked perfect.  She measured the baby and everything looked fine.  Then she checked my ovaries and they were good.  One small cyst on my left ovary, probably left over from the IVF stuff.  Nothing to worry about.  She said that everything looked great and the only thing that would have me measuring big is my long, skinny uterus.  haha  So, there you go.  My uterus is big.  It’s actually spread a little above my belly button, which she said is a little higher than normal for this far along.  Apparently it should be right at my belly button?  Eh, everything is fine so I don’t care how big my uterus is.

….and I got to find out the sex!!!!

It’s a….


It’s a…..


It’s a GIRL!! 🙂

My husband is so excited.  I love to see him like this.  We even started a list of names last night!  I am so glad we got to find out early, because we have TONS of stuff do to around the house before another person can live here!  Let the cleaning, purging and painting… BEGIN!!



OB Appointment and NT scan

Today was a much anticipated day here in our house!  Finally! Our first OB appointment!  I went in and had my urine taken, my weight checked (135 – lower than my normal weight of 138) and my blood pressure checked.  Everything looked good so I moved into the room… with no ultrasound machine.  Say whaaaat??  As my husband and I waited the hour (just kidding, but it did feel like an hour) for the doctor to come in, we speculated that the ultrasound machine must be on wheels.  Once the doctor came in, holding nothing but a fetal doppler, I knew that the ultrasound was a no-go again.  I asked, and she said that since we had one at 7 weeks with our RE, that we wouldn’t have one there until 20 and that I had an NT scan later that day so they would be doing one anyway.  I’m pretty sure they are just amazingly lazy and decided to let us do the NT scan in place of the scan they would probably do if we weren’t going to do the NT scan.  Oh well, no big deal, we just had to wait another hour and a half…. ahhhh!!  So, anyway, she goes over all the basic things.  What to eat, what not to eat, get some exercise (I should probably start doing that one day) and that heating pads, allergy medicine and the chiropractor are all good things.  Yay! I can start going back to the chiropractor soon!  My tweaked back will appreciate it.

Then…. it was time…. time to try and locate the heartbeat.  She started off by saying “don’t worry if we can’t find it right away, sometimes it takes a little while.”  So, another hour goes by (jk, you know, probably a full minute) and finally she finds it!… for about a half a second and then squirrel decided to squirm away.  The second time she found it, I decided no breathing until she found out how fast it was.  154! Perfect, she says. 🙂  Finally, some confirmation that there is a little thing growing inside of me still!  Overjoyed, I tell ya!  Now it was time to go grab something to eat and then head to the next appointment for the NT scan!

So, after a yummy Brueggers Bagel, the husband and I ran one quick Christmas present errand and then went over to the hospital.  This is an old hospital, and it shows.  Dingy chairs, dingy bathroom, dingy hallways… but that’s beside the point (update your hospital, people!)  So we are called back to go over the verbal information.  What the test was, what they were looking for, what happens if they find something that may indicate Downs Syndrome, or Trisomy 13 or 18.  Yes, yes, nods nods.  Show us our baby!  We sign all the paperwork and go back to the waiting room.  Soon the ultrasound technician comes and gets us.  Probably the sweetest lady ever born, but I haven’t met all the ladies of the world, so I can’t say for sure.  She has to be top 100 though.  She was just as excited (or seemed to be) to see our baby as we were.  This makes the experience that much better.  Who wants a lazy tech who’s “seen it all”?  Not me!  So, yes, there is squirrel!  Beautiful, beautiful squirrel!  Head, body, arms and legs!  It moves around when you poke at it with an ultrasound wand too! 🙂  So amazing.  I wish I had an ultrasound machine at home so I could just stare at it all day.  That’s probably not healthy though… mentally.  Right?

So today was amazing! Pure satisfaction! And the NT scan didn’t show anything to be worried about.  They are running blood samples to verify, but everything looks good at this moment in time.  By the way, did you know they prick your finger to get your blood sample?  That is just rude.  I’d rather have a blood draw all day long than to have a finger pricked.  All worth it, but ouch!  There has to be a nicer way to retrieve blood when you only need 5 drops.

So now I’m going to go eat some dinner and then upload my picture disc onto my computer with all the NT scan images.  I’m hoping they have the heartbeat part on there too.  I giggled in the middle, so when you look at the heartbeat sound waves, you see three waves for the babies heartbeat, then a bunch of squigglies from me giggling, and then two more heartbeats.  Couldn’t help it, it was amazing.   I am so glad that this is something I am getting to experience, since for a long time it didn’t look like I ever would.  Pure Joy.



Here is a little 3D image of squirrel.  He/she was not happy about being woken up from a nap… looks like he/she is trying to cover their ears and go back to sleep.  🙂

7 Weeks 2 Days – Scan 2

Oopsy, I’ve been a little ahead of myself so far.  Turns out that even though you can calculate your due date from your retrieval or your 3 days transfer, it turns out that may not be the actual due date.  Who knew?!  Anyway, I thought I was 7 weeks 6 days today, but I guess squirrel implanted a little later because he/she is at 7 weeks 2 days.  Completely normal, says the RE.  I will trust her.  Now I’m off to the OB as a normal pregnant lady….weird!

One thing I wasn’t expecting today was that they told me I could stop my progesterone suppositories today.  She said to go ahead and finish what I have (which would be enough to make it through Saturday) but that I could technically stop today.  Whaaaaat?  I thought I was supposed to be on these things until 10 weeks.  Now I’m hearing that I can stop before I’m even 8 weeks?  Hmmm… I’m thinking I may cheat the system.  Instead of stopping today, and instead of taking all three doses each day until Saturday, I may just take two doses per day and drag it out until I am officially 8 weeks.

When did everyone else stop their progesterone?  My friend who did IVF last year said that stopping the progesterone would be stressful and she is absolutely right.  I feel like that’s my baby growing safety net.  Eeeep!!

I am going to call the OB today and see what my next step is…. pretty exciting!  I have no idea what to expect from here on out.  New territory!!

P.S. Baby heartbeat = amazing.  I can’t wait to hear it!