23 Weeks!

I have no belly picture this week.  Oops!  I was so tired today that I completely forgot to take one.  I’m going to try to remember to take one tomorrow so I’ll at least have one for this week on my computer.

I got up six times last night to pee.  On top of just not being able to sleep because my brain was on super-hyper-overdrive, and the inability to get comfortable.  I got an hour and a half nap today, but I’m still barely hanging in here.  I feel like nodding off onto my keyboard.

My biggest thing from this past week has been an increase in head congestion.  My nose is stuffed up so badly that there is zero chance I can breath through my nose at night.  This means that I am drooling a good deal all over my pillow at night.  My ears are also clogged, so I am turning the TV up like an old lady.  Not sure if this extra congestion has anything to do with the little one though.  The weather here has been awful.  60’s one day, 30’s the next.  Rain, snow, sun…. make up your mind, winter!

To say that I am not flexible anymore would be a laughable way to describe it.  Ever since 10 weeks along I’ve had trouble bending like I used to.  Back then it was bending in ways that made sex a joy for all involved.  Now the bending is affecting the ability to shave… which I guess also makes sex a joy for all involved?  What I’m trying to say is that I’m almost to the point where I have to say goodbye to the goods and hope they do well on their own down there.  See ya in a few months, lady parts!

My tear has healed.  Woo!  I wish I knew what I had done to make it appear, but I’m just going to guess that it was a fluke and it will never happen again… even during birth…. maybe?  She’s kicking me right now, that must be how she laughs at my hope of no tearing during childbirth.  She has a since of humor just like me.  Oh no! 😉

This is where I would usually insert my belly picture.  Just pretend it’s in it’s normal spot on the entry and about one week bigger.  I’ve gained my pound for the past week (putting me at around 13-14 pounds so far)…. it’s either in my belly or my boobs.  I’m going with boobs.  These things could be considered dangerous weapons right now.  I could totally knock someone out with these.  “What do you mean you don’t have any ice cream? **BAM — Boob to the face! (Not in the good way)**

Okay, I’m so tired.  I’m going to take a nice, hot shower and then climb into bed for about an hour until the pee fairy wakes me up.

TMI Update (A Tear & Geographic Tongue)

Lately this little lady has been dancing around on my bladder.  I had no idea what that was going to feel like, but I wasn’t aware that you could feel the kicks so much more when she does that.  Probably because you feel like your bladder may explode every time you feel movement.  I’m okay with some extra trips to the bathroom though!

So, let’s get into some weird things I’ve been going through.  The first thing I’d like to talk about is a tear I have… down there.  Last July I had a two tears in lady land.  They were located between my labia’s.  To say that these felt horrible would be an understatement.  I went to the doctor to have them checked out.  This was back when I was at the GYN practice that didn’t seem to even realize women had vagina’s (they are worthless (the doctors, not vagina’s)), so at first he couldn’t see the tears.  I pointed them out (they were bleeding… see why he is worthless?  What else would bleed between your labia??) and he said “oh, well, this happens and we don’t really know why.  Have a nice day.”  Nothing about what causes this, what I should do to keep from getting an infection, nothing!  Needless to say I was upset.  I went out to my car and before I left I googled.  Google informed me that this can be caused by dryness, caused by birth control.  Huh, so Google knew right away, but a DOCTOR of gynecology didn’t have a clue.  Did I mention this practice is worthless?  So anyway, those healed and two months later I was off birth control to start IVF.

Well, here is the deal, I have another tear, but this time it’s not between my labia.  I also do not have any dryness, if anything I’m a bit more moist (heh.. moist) than I’ve been in years.  So, this new tear is on my perineum.  I know this is something that can happen during birth, but I had no idea this could happen during pregnancy.  I tried to Google, but Google has nothing on this.  Is this super weird?  It’s not huge, but it is there, and it does hurt to wipe.  I’m taking two showers a day to make sure I keep it super clean to avoid infection, but other than that I’m not sure there is much that can be done about it.  At this rate, between being uncomfortable, having an achy back, and having a tear, I may never have sex again!  My poor husband.

Another thing I’ve noticed since becoming pregnant is that my geographic tongue is worse than ever.  For those of you unfamiliar with geographic tongue, it’s nothing serious.  You just get smooth patches on your tongue for a week or two at a time.  They start off small and grow for a few days.  This whole thing is painless.  If you don’t brush your tongue when you brush your teeth (you should) you’d never even notice these patches were there… except when you’re pregnant.  From what I’ve read, they aren’t sure what causes these patches to suddenly cause pain once you’re pregnant, but it really is no joke.  It feels like you can actually feel your tongue being scrapped off as the patch grows.  It hurts to eat salty foods and it really hurts to brush your tongue.  I’m hoping they go back to their painlessness once I have my little one.

I’ve decided to include a picture of my tongue for those of you who may be going through this yourselves, or for those of you who are just curious.  It’s not pretty.  Just remember that this is not caused by anything bad and it will not cause anything bad to happen (besides pain when you’re pregnant).  It is a completely harmless issue to have, but it may cause some embarrassment when you stick your tongue out at someone and forget it looks like it’s been shaved.  It could definitely cause some funny looks to be thrown your way.  The one on the bottom was finally starting to heal just as the one on the side popped up.  The one on the bottom took up the entire bottom of my tongue just a couple days ago.  Hope this didn’t gross anyone out too bad… I’m only posting to try and help those who may be going through it!

Icky, I know!

Icky, I know!

22 Weeks! (One Day Late On Update)

I must be losing my mind.  I completely forgot to update yesterday AND take my fully clothed, family-friendly, face included, belly picture.  Yikes.  I was so busy this weekend (setting up our registries) that I completely forgot about it.

So, I haven’t had anything super different going on.  I’ve had a bit better luck with sleeping, although when I do wake up, my legs still feel like they are on fire.  I can feel every muscle burning.  It really is so strange.  I can handle it though.  I went to the chiropractor today, so maybe that will help for a week or so?

This weekend we (well, not me) will be painting the nursery and buying furniture!  The furniture has a 12 week lead time… so we’ve got to get it ordered quickly.  It’s really pretty and unusual.  Not the standard white or brown or black.  I’m pretty excited about it.

Well, here is my belly!  I can’t tell if it’s getting bigger anymore.  You guys will have to be the judge for me.  My husband makes a noise and circles his hand around his belly when he sees me walking around in my underwear while oiling myself up at night with my anti-stretch mark oil.  He says “woooooop!” and makes the arching/circle movement over his own belly.  It makes me smile every time.  I love rocking my belly.  (Also, try not to judge me for the two almost empty toilet paper rolls… it’s the little things that go by the wayside right now).

Belly 22



Also, on a completely unrelated to my situation thing, I’d like to have you all give a few thoughts to a couple ladies.  First, to a fellow blogger who recently lost her baby girl around 22 (not exactly sure on the number) weeks along.  My heart is breaking for her.  I really have no words to express how much I am feeling for her and her husband and family.  I just hope she knows that she is thought of.  Secondly, I have a friend in my personal life who had her IVF transfer two Saturdays ago.  Her first beta was scheduled for this coming Thursday, but she started bleeding on Sunday.  She went in Monday for a beta to try and figure out if she was pregnant or not.  The beta came back positive at 75.  This is the same day past retrieval and about the same number I got (I had a 79).  I am hopeful that she is pregnant and the bleeding is not a miscarriage, but there is no way to tell for sure until she gets her results back from the second beta tomorrow.

I’d like to ask you all to think about these ladies and the struggles they are both going through at this time.  Not being able to get pregnant in the first place is bad enough, but then having to deal with loss (late or early) in pregnancy is the hardest thing you can possibly go through.

Chocolate Icing

I’m considering breaking open my thing of chocolate icing that I have in the pantry… I’m not sure how safe that would be for me.  I see myself eating at least half of it before I could stop myself.  I could make a cake and then put the icing on top….. but that would require baking instead of just opening a tub of icing and digging in.

This is why my husband should not go out of town… I have no self control right now!  Maybe I can sit here like a well behaved young lady and wait until 8:00 and just have my normal ice cream.  *taps foot and bites nails…*

I actually miss my aversion to sweets sometimes!

21 Weeks!

Here we are! Most definitely past the halfway point. Wow!!  The number of weeks left are still in the double digits, but at least that first digit is a one now! Woo!

Right now I’m starting to have some of that mother-to-be anxiety I’ve heard about.  Luckily, the 21 weeks update online says that it is super normal for this time in the pregnancy.  Glad to know i’m on a normal schedule!

I’m also having a reoccurring pain in my pelvic/lower abdominal area.  It’s a round ligament pain, but darn it if it has been in the same spot for two days now.  I asked the doctor about it and he said it’s normal, so I’m not worried, but it sure does sting.

She’s getting more feisty in there.  Still not kicking hard enough for my husband to feel, but she’s kicking a lot more.  She should be strong enough to give him a good kick or two soon!

Here is the belly this week!  I know it’s getting bigger, but I think it’s in a stage of growing that makes it hard to figure out how much bigger I actually am.  I do loves to rub the belly though.  I’m like my own personal troll doll.  Too bad I don’t have a belly button piercing to complete the look!

I figure by the time you can’t see the trash can in the background, I’ll be pretty much ready to pop!

Belly 21

Anatomy Scan

Yesterday was my anatomy scan!  It was so nice to see her again.  She’s adorable, even in black and white! 🙂  We got to see her heart, kidneys, brain, face, feet! Ah! So amazing!  I could sit in there for hours everyday and let them scan to see her. 🙂

They couldn’t get a good view of something around the heart because of the way she was turned, so the ultrasound tech had me lay on my left side (baby girl likes my right side) so that she would move a little.  The tech then proceeded to prod into my abdomen and under my hip to get the view she needed.  Ouch.  I’m still experiencing some pain from this.  I’m hoping she didn’t prod baby girl too hard in there.  I’ll take the pain as long as she is fine.

The tech and the doctor said that she looks great!  I am so relieved.  My husband was with me and his big smile was my second favorite part of the day.  I hope that he can feel her move soon.  I know he wants to so bad.

My next appointment will be the glucose test.  I hear it’s super fun!  I asked the doctor about my chances of having gestational diabetes.  He doesn’t think I have a high chance (even with the PCOS) but I’m not going to get my hopes up until the results are in.  I have everything else related to PCOS, so I assume I will have this too.  The only bright side about it is that I would be induced about a week early.  That means seeing baby girl a week earlier!  I know I shouldn’t hope for an early delivery, but I’m only trying to see a bright side to another possible PCOS problem.

Now that we have double confirmed that we are having a little lady, it’s time to get busy! Time to get the nursery painted, furniture ordered and registries set up!  Too bad we are too busy in the next couple weeks to do any of that!  Soon though!

20 Weeks!

Here I am… at the semi-official halfway point!  I say semi-official because it is possible to go to 41 weeks at my practice.  (Actually, they’ll let you go to 42 weeks if you want to, but that’s crazy sauce).  So here I am!!  Wow… amazing.

My aches are all the same, but none of that matters because this week has been the first week that I can feel my little lady dancing around in there.  I love it!  It is absolutely an amazing feeling.  My husband hasn’t been able to feel it yet, but I’m hopeful that it will be soon.  She should be getting stronger and stronger!

My full anatomy scan is this Wednesday. Woo!  I get to see her little face again!  It should be the last time I see her until she pops out.  I can’t wait to get some pictures of her little feets and hands and everything that comes along with the full scan.  Hoping her heart is healthy and strong!

Here is my belly as of this morning!  It doesn’t appear to have grown much in the last week or two, but i’m expecting a big jump in size over the next few weeks.  🙂

Belly 20