A Quick Update

Daddy is currently “playing” (holding baby girl while she sleeps) with the baby, so I thought I’d hop on and let you all know that we are all doing great!  The no sleep thing is kind of nuts, to be honest, but I just can’t seem to mind when I know that it’s for my little girl.  Especially the hour or so a night where she just looks at me.  No squirming, no eating, no noises…. she’s just looking at me.  That is when we have our deepest conversations. 🙂

She hates the bassinet…. or anything that requires her to not be held.  That girl LOVES to be held.  She will only sleep if she is being cuddled in bed by me.  I’m not a fan of co-sleeping, but while she’s so little I just can’t let her cry and be upset.  That will probably change, but for now I am going to do whatever I can to make her happy.  She is my little love.  Oh, and for those of you who are currently pregnant… the love you feel is instant. As soon as you see their tiny, naked, goo-covered body, you instantly fall in love.  A deep love too… totally different from anything you’ve ever known.  It’s amazing.  So, for those of you who are still going through this insanity of infertility… please keep trying.  Don’t give up hope and think it’s not for you.  This IS for you, and I wish it for you more than I wish for anything else.

Now, cluster feeding.  I always thought that happened once your milk came in, but I was wrong.  She’s been cluster feeding since night two (it’s only been three nights… although it feels like it’s been a couple weeks already).  It’s very hard on the sleep and the nipples.  The nipples….. they are hard and sore and may never be the same again, but I know it could be worse.  The lactation consultant saved my arse.  If I had gone home doing what I was doing, I would have been in so much pain.  Talk to those ladies! They know what they are doing!

Okay, I will now leave you with a picture of my cankles…. which came AFTER delivery.  It’s normal apparently.  I wish I could say it’s the worst pain I’m experiencing… but that would have to be the pain from the stitches from the TWO tears… ouchy.

Worth it!!





For those of you wondering what her name is, I’m sorry but I won’t be posting it on this blog.  It’s somewhat unusual and I’m scared that a Google search of the name will lead people here.  As soon as I have lots of free time, I plan on updating my blog with my real name and information.  It’s all about my new life as a mom.  It will feature everything except information on my infertility.  As soon as that is updated and ready to go, I will let those of you who are curious know how to find me.  Then you can hear all about her and her loveliness… and me trying to figure out how to do this mommy thing!

Thank you to everyone who shared so much love with me on my last entry! I plan on messaging you all back, but it will have to wait until next time!

she’s here!

She arrived on 6/26 at 7:16 pm! I am not even going to attempt to explain how important epidurals are.  My contractions were so bad after the first seven hours of consistent contractions I couldn’t even breath.  I was crying so hard I thought I was going to throw up.  Seriously, why is pain considered to be worth it?

Anyway, She is here and I am so insanely in love! She started breast feeding within 15 minutes of being out. She is a pro…. and a hungry one at that!  I will write more once I get to a laptop, for now I will be holding my daughter (whoa!) And trying to get a little rest! I’ve been up or 21.5 hours!


40 Week Belly — Wowzers

I wanted to make sure that I got a 40 week belly picture taken.  If I do end up going to 41 weeks, I doubt I’ll remember to take one since I will be induced that day.  So here is my belly…. I decided to take a picture of it in all it’s uncovered glory.  The first picture is the belly at 25 weeks (the last time I had it uncovered) and the second picture is today.  Oh, how the belly can grow!  The stretch marks make a lot of sense now… 😉  Also, how did it get so pale?!

Belly 25Belly 40

40 Weeks!

I would love to be one of those women who have a 40 week belly picture featuring their baby being held on the OUTSIDE of their belly, but alas, I am still pregnant.  Not that I’m struggling, but I am getting a lot more tired and impatient.

So far there are no red flags that she is on her way out, but I am scheduled for induction for next Monday (maybe Tuesday if they are booked) so that is good to know.  No matter what, she will be here by Monday or Tuesday of next week! Woo!!

I do not have a belly picture.  I was going to wait until tomorrow to write this post, but then I thought about people out there who may be blog stalking me, and I didn’t want to make you all worry or curious.  I am still perfectly pregnant and waiting… waiting….

I will try to post a picture tomorrow if I remember.  I am just so tired and forgetful.  All I can think about it WHEN WILL SHE BE HERE?! 🙂

39ish Week Checkup & Parent Fun?

Yesterday I had my 39ish week checkup!  So far there has not been any changes since Monday (I went in to check and make sure I had in fact peed myself and not actually had my water break — I peed myself).  I’m still at 1cm dilated, but I am now 50% effaced.  Woop!  These strong, yet infrequent, contractions are actually doing something!  My husband and I are hoping that the super moon this weekend will pull her right out.  Here’s hoping!

On to the fun parent thing.  *sigh*  I’m frustrated.  Our parents are VERY different.  I mean, there is no way to explain how different they are.  My parents are loud and opinionated and insane, and his are quiet and insane.  Insane in different ways, but they are all insane, which is the only thing they have in common… it’s just too bad that they don’t have the same type of insanity so that this wouldn’t be so awkward.  Turns out that the thought of all of our families being in one house together while we are in the hospital is just too much for them to take.  His parents and my dad are dreading the full house of people.  His parents don’t even want to stay the night.  We were really counting on them to stay here and take care of our dogs (like the plan had originally been) but when they found out my family would be here too, they decided that they didn’t want to be here.  Now, I could take offense, but I won’t, I will just say that they should be able to suck it up for two days and get along with a house full of people to help us out.  And my family should be able to do the same.  Why is it that children are the only ones who have to suck it up and be part of uncomfortable situations?  I went to a baby shower that his mother hosted and it was all HER friends.  Can we say awkward?  But guess who did it? Me!  And I didn’t complain once.

I just don’t understand why all the parents are suddenly anti staying here when they’ve known all along that this was going to happen?  My family can’t afford hotel rooms, and his family has a dog they are traveling with.  Well, whatever.  We won’t be here to suffer through the uncomfortableness with everyone….. I’m just hoping we can find someone to take care of our dogs if it turns out they all leave after one day.  Wish us luck!

Next appointment is the 27th…… will I have to go?!?!  If I don’t go into labor naturally by July 1st, I will be induced! Ah! That means ten days AT THE MOST before we get to meet our baby girl. 😉

39 Weeks!

I had a very eventful weekend.  We got lots of stuff done and even snuck in a date night!  Star Trek is awesome, by the way.  If you like that sort of thing.

Anyway, today I can barely do anything.  I slept terribly and I’m feeling pretty dizzy.. almost nauseated.  I’ve tried eating and drinking water, but so far it’s not helping.  I also had a dream last night that I was peeing and ended up peeing a little while in bed. *Sigh*  I’ve looked to see if that is a common occurrence with ladies having their water break.  It actually seems like it is, but I haven’t had anymore leaking and it wasn’t a ton of liquid, so I’m pretty sure it was just pee.  I’ll be keeping an eye on it today.  I wish it was my water breaking, I feel awful today.

Anyway, here is my belly!  It is ready to pop! Everyone send me some popping vibes!  Labor can start any minute now, so a couple minutes from now would be great.  She looks ready to go, right??

Belly 39

38 Weeks!

Here I am… 38 weeks… and I have finally started feeling like absolute poo.  I felt great all day yesterday until bed time.  Then my stomach started hurting, like it was going to be upset.  It was.  Along with the sudden feeling of upset stomach, I became so incredibly nauseous that I wasn’t sure which way I should be facing the toilet.  It was a miserable time.  I felt sick all night.  Every time I woke up to pee I wanted to crawl into the corner and be sick.  My stomach isn’t hurting this morning, but the nausea is still there.  I read in my pregnancy handbook (given to me at birthing classes) that flu-like symptoms can be a sign of impending labor.  It can start hours to days before labor actually starts.  I’m not sure if that is what this is, but I hope so.  I also hope that labor doesn’t make me want to barf all over the place.

Ugh… I think I’m going to be in my recliner all day.

Here is my belly….

Belly 38

37ish Week Doctor Visit

Today I had a doctor appointment and it went well.  Blood pressure, heartbeat, and belly measurement are all perfect.  They actually checked to see if I was dilated any (which they told me they wouldn’t do until 39 weeks)…. I’m not dilated.  She’s not low enough to indicate labor yet either.  Little lady wants to hang out for a little while longer I guess.  Must be comfy in there (although it feels like it must be tight!)

That’s all I’ve got for today… just wanted to keep this on record. 🙂

37 Weeks!

Say what???  Is baby girl now considered full term?  Why yes, yes she is.  Woo!

Although I’m not sure I’m 100% ready for her to make her appearance (still have a few things to accomplish), I am getting pretty excited.  The contractions have kicked up a notch and she is sitting so low.  I wish they would check me this week (Friday) and let me know if anything is going on “down there,” but they won’t do that until 39 weeks.  Oh well… I can wait??

I’ve had two dreams this week that I started going into labor.  I think the increase in braxton hicks contractions are making my brain fuzzy.  🙂

This isn’t going to be a huge update, I’m so tired and I want to crash and take a small nap before it’s time to cook dinner and whatever else…

Here is my belly!  Does it look even lower??  I know she IS lower because of the increase in pains in my vagina area.  Those are sharp pains too!  I guess when you have a baby head in your pelvis it can cause all sorts of strange things….

Belly 37