27 Weeks! (Super late)

Ugh, so busy lately!  I don’t even have a belly picture this week.  I could get up and take one right now, but I’m absolutely, out-of-my-mind exhausted.

We sold our house in five days!  Oh, poop.  We’ve got an apartment set up, but we are house hunting like crazy.  I find myself looking at the same houses online over and over again.  I would LOVE new construction, but all the new construction is in tiny squish neighborhoods with not so good schools.  Blah…. we’ll find something I guess! 13 weeks to go…. 😉

No new symptoms or issues.  I don’t have gestational diabetes…. I found that out two weeks ago, but I think I forgot to mention it.  I’ve recently flipped a switch and instead of ice cream or candy at night, I’ve been craving popcorn or fruit or a glass of chocolate milk.  Since I’m gaining weight like a beast, this is probably a good thing.  1lb a week….. sure!

I promise to have a better, longer post next week (hopefully)… for now I’m going to lay down and try to rest for about an hour before it’s time to get up and look at more houses!  Eep!!

26 Weeks!

Wow, I feel like I just wrote my 25 week update.  I knew trying to sell our house was going to make time speed up!  Yikes.

My leg pain while sleeping has gone from a six out of ten, to an eight out of ten.  It’s so bad that when it wakes me up and I try to move I almost feel like whimpering out loud.  I certainly make a horrendous face and I might even groan or sigh.  I move onto my back for about a minute, let the pain subside, and then move to my other side.  I repeat this about 10-12 times a night plus I add in a pee break every 2-3 hours.  Sleep? Pssh! Who needs sleep!

Her kicks are now becoming kicks, punches and body slams.  Sometimes I get a tremendous amount of pressure somewhere in my belly and I end up being able to feel her entire body.  This must be when she’s stretching or barrel rolling.  It’s a neat feeling.  I have no clue what’s what though.  I know some women who say “I can feel her butt!”  I’m all like, “I can feel a lump! No clue what it is though!”  Maybe that comes later…

So far the house selling thing is going a little slower than I’d like.  Our realtor still doesn’t have any pictures on the website of our house.  I know that I don’t click on a link for a house if they don’t have any pictures.  I’m hoping once the pictures are up we will start getting some showings!  I’m not too excited about wrangling the dogs and getting them into the car while the showings are happening, but unfortunately they are not well behaved enough to be kept somewhere in the house during the showing.  Oh well, it’ll be worth it if we can get an offer or two!

Here is my belly.  I’m done with the naked belly pictures, from now on I will be posting clothed pictures.  I think it’s big enough now!

I decided to use a different bathroom to get a light look…. unfortunately it highlights our smudgy mirror.  Oops…. the mirror is too big for me to reach the top so the drips and smudges are just part of it.

Belly 26


Also, the munchies are getting me BIG time right now!  I hope the OB doesn’t get too upset with me when I gain more than the recommended amount. 😀

25 Weeks! (One Day Late)

Yesterday was my 25 week mark.  So excited!  I still feel like it’s early in the pregnancy… I don’t know when it will finally hit me that I’m a good ways past the halfway point by now.  I guess my family coming into town and telling me that I still look tiny didn’t help.  I mean, that’s great that I’m not looking too big for my week, but being told I’m tiny makes me feel like I’m not far along.  Does that make sense?

So, this week the insomnia has still been going strong.  My legs still feel like they are on fire while I sleep at night, and I am peeing every 2-3 hours on the dot.  We’ve been trying to get our house ready to have some Realtors come tell us what they think about it (yes, that’s right, we are going to try and sell our house while I’m at 25 weeks!  That sure does make me feel like I’m further along.. ;)) and my feet just can’t handle this extra weight.  I know it’s only about 16 pounds so far, and that I’ve got plenty more to go, but two-three hours on my feet and they hurt so bad that I can no longer stand up.  I have a feeling this house selling thing is going to be tough.  Not as tough as trying to sell the house with a one year old though, like our original plan.  Only time will tell!

I know there are other things to discuss, but my brain is fried this week.  I’m going to go continue to clean and make this place presentable before the Realtor gets here tonight.

Here is my belly!  I remembered to take a picture, but I did take it a day late.  I can tell that it looks a lot bigger this week than last week.  What do you guys think?  The picture looks a little blurry… I’ve been having a lot of problems with my Iphone lately, so I’ll just blame that.

Belly 25

Glucose Test

Today was my 24 week check-up and Glucose test.  I was really worried going in to the test.  All the pressure of having to chug a drink that is supposedly the worst thing ever.  I must say, the anxiety was for nothing.

From the two flavor choices of Orange and Fruit Punch, I chose orange.  It tasted exactly like Kool-aid, except doubled in sugar.  I chugged it and continued on with my appointment.  Finger prick for iron test (iron is at 11, which they said was great), check-up which involved uterus measurement (measuring right on time) and heartbeat check (measuring in the mid 140’s (perfect)), and then an hour after the chugging I had a blood draw for the glucose test and a second HIV test.  I had already been tested for HIV before IVF, but apparently the state requires two tests during pregnancy.  Who knew?

So today was a good day, despite the extreme exhaustion caused by this increased insomnia.  Woke up at 5:00am and could not go back to sleep at all.  I had to get up at 7:30 to get ready for the doctors appointment, so there was no trying to fall back asleep.  I don’t really care for zombies, but I was totally a zombie today.  I also had to pay $215 for my anatomy scan.  This is the part that insurance doesn’t cover.  I have to say, I was pretty surprised that insurance doesn’t cover the majority of that.  It’s a mandatory need… soooo… yea.  I was caught off guard a bit.  Oh well, she’s worth it.

Next appointment is in four weeks.  Should be a standard, no frills, check-up.  Let’s hope I can get some sleep before then. 😉


The Insomnia Has Arrived

Wow, guys.  I don’t even know what to say about this new sleeping problem.  The constant leg pain is one thing, but this inability to sleep for hours at a time during the night is kind of insane.  I was awake for over two hours in the middle of the night.  Wide awake.  Like, I was thinking about making muffins since I was so awake.  The little one was also throwing a rave at the same time.  Not sure if she was annoyed because I was awake, or if it was just a happy coincidence that we were both up and unable to sleep at the same time.  Either way, it was nice to have company.

24 Weeks!

Woo!  I’ve got a ear of corn sized baby inside my soccer ball sized uterus!  Crazy!

This week there are two new things I’ve noticed.  The first thing is that my hip bones are unseeable.  I’ve always had hip bones that protrude out and hit doorknobs, and counters, and everything else within range.  Now my belly is sticking so far out and over that they now have a big, supportive cushion in front of them.  I think they’ll enjoy not being bruised for the next few months.  The second newest thing is that my belly button is soooo tiny.  There is no chance that it’ll still be an innie by 30 weeks.  It’s becoming so shallow and so small that there is almost no reason to try and clean it, because it barely exists anymore.  I wonder what it will be like to have an outtie??  I guess I’ll see soon enough!  My husband thinks it’s crazy.  Can’t wait to see the look on his face when it finally pops out. Ha!

This little girl LOVES to dance…. on my bladder.  It’s her favorite thing to do.  Especially when we are out to eat at a restaurant.  She must know how much I love public restrooms… eww.  I’m getting used to the bladder dance, but one thing that happened last week was very odd.  She decided to dance a bit on my butt.  I’m not sure how to describe the feeling, but it felt like her feet were in my butt, kicking around.  I had to Google to make sure I wasn’t loosing my mind.  Apparently it happens to a lot of women.  It only happened once for about a minute or two, but man, it was strange.

I have my glucose test this week on Thursday.  Since I have PCOS, I have a very high chance of having gestational diabetes.  I am really hoping that I don’t, but I’m pretty sure that’s everyone’s hope.  The doctor I had last time said he didn’t think I’d have it because I’m not overweight, but I know two girls with PCOS who started out smaller than me, and they both had it, so I don’t really trust his judgement.  I should get the results back by Wednesday of next week.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Here is my belly this week.  I remembered to snap a picture this week!  It’s definitely growing.  Even though I may not be able to notice it right away, my belly button is very telling of the changes i’m experiencing.  I keep being told that I am not very big, but I feel like it’s a pretty big belly for still having 16 weeks to go!  I’m looking forward to seeing just how big this thing can get.  🙂

Belly 24

Bloop! 🙂