21 Weeks!

Here we are! Most definitely past the halfway point. Wow!!  The number of weeks left are still in the double digits, but at least that first digit is a one now! Woo!

Right now I’m starting to have some of that mother-to-be anxiety I’ve heard about.  Luckily, the 21 weeks update online says that it is super normal for this time in the pregnancy.  Glad to know i’m on a normal schedule!

I’m also having a reoccurring pain in my pelvic/lower abdominal area.  It’s a round ligament pain, but darn it if it has been in the same spot for two days now.  I asked the doctor about it and he said it’s normal, so I’m not worried, but it sure does sting.

She’s getting more feisty in there.  Still not kicking hard enough for my husband to feel, but she’s kicking a lot more.  She should be strong enough to give him a good kick or two soon!

Here is the belly this week!  I know it’s getting bigger, but I think it’s in a stage of growing that makes it hard to figure out how much bigger I actually am.  I do loves to rub the belly though.  I’m like my own personal troll doll.  Too bad I don’t have a belly button piercing to complete the look!

I figure by the time you can’t see the trash can in the background, I’ll be pretty much ready to pop!

Belly 21


7 thoughts on “21 Weeks!

  1. you look fabulous! I always wondered at 21 weeks how much of my belly was really due to the enormous amount of sweets I was eating……. damn that second trimester hunger.

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