22 Weeks! (One Day Late On Update)

I must be losing my mind.  I completely forgot to update yesterday AND take my fully clothed, family-friendly, face included, belly picture.  Yikes.  I was so busy this weekend (setting up our registries) that I completely forgot about it.

So, I haven’t had anything super different going on.  I’ve had a bit better luck with sleeping, although when I do wake up, my legs still feel like they are on fire.  I can feel every muscle burning.  It really is so strange.  I can handle it though.  I went to the chiropractor today, so maybe that will help for a week or so?

This weekend we (well, not me) will be painting the nursery and buying furniture!  The furniture has a 12 week lead time… so we’ve got to get it ordered quickly.  It’s really pretty and unusual.  Not the standard white or brown or black.  I’m pretty excited about it.

Well, here is my belly!  I can’t tell if it’s getting bigger anymore.  You guys will have to be the judge for me.  My husband makes a noise and circles his hand around his belly when he sees me walking around in my underwear while oiling myself up at night with my anti-stretch mark oil.  He says “woooooop!” and makes the arching/circle movement over his own belly.  It makes me smile every time.  I love rocking my belly.  (Also, try not to judge me for the two almost empty toilet paper rolls… it’s the little things that go by the wayside right now).

Belly 22



Also, on a completely unrelated to my situation thing, I’d like to have you all give a few thoughts to a couple ladies.  First, to a fellow blogger who recently lost her baby girl around 22 (not exactly sure on the number) weeks along.  My heart is breaking for her.  I really have no words to express how much I am feeling for her and her husband and family.  I just hope she knows that she is thought of.  Secondly, I have a friend in my personal life who had her IVF transfer two Saturdays ago.  Her first beta was scheduled for this coming Thursday, but she started bleeding on Sunday.  She went in Monday for a beta to try and figure out if she was pregnant or not.  The beta came back positive at 75.  This is the same day past retrieval and about the same number I got (I had a 79).  I am hopeful that she is pregnant and the bleeding is not a miscarriage, but there is no way to tell for sure until she gets her results back from the second beta tomorrow.

I’d like to ask you all to think about these ladies and the struggles they are both going through at this time.  Not being able to get pregnant in the first place is bad enough, but then having to deal with loss (late or early) in pregnancy is the hardest thing you can possibly go through.


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