20 Weeks!

Here I am… at the semi-official halfway point!  I say semi-official because it is possible to go to 41 weeks at my practice.  (Actually, they’ll let you go to 42 weeks if you want to, but that’s crazy sauce).  So here I am!!  Wow… amazing.

My aches are all the same, but none of that matters because this week has been the first week that I can feel my little lady dancing around in there.  I love it!  It is absolutely an amazing feeling.  My husband hasn’t been able to feel it yet, but I’m hopeful that it will be soon.  She should be getting stronger and stronger!

My full anatomy scan is this Wednesday. Woo!  I get to see her little face again!  It should be the last time I see her until she pops out.  I can’t wait to get some pictures of her little feets and hands and everything that comes along with the full scan.  Hoping her heart is healthy and strong!

Here is my belly as of this morning!  It doesn’t appear to have grown much in the last week or two, but i’m expecting a big jump in size over the next few weeks.  🙂

Belly 20


3 thoughts on “20 Weeks!

  1. Your belly looks great! I hope you’ll post some ultrasound photos when you get them, and have fun 🙂 Are they not doing a 32 week scan? I feel like a lot of practices do that. If not, well then oh it will be a surprise how she’s changed 20 weeks from now!

    • I think they’ll do one at 32 weeks if you need one for any issues or if you want one to see your baby in 3D/4D. Hopefully there is nothing wrong, and I’m willing to wait until she’s here to see her little face instead of seeing it as an orange blob. haha As long as I can feel her moving, I will be at ease. Speaking of which, she just kicked me and I actually saw my belly move. Wild!

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