Anatomy Scan

Yesterday was my anatomy scan!  It was so nice to see her again.  She’s adorable, even in black and white! 🙂  We got to see her heart, kidneys, brain, face, feet! Ah! So amazing!  I could sit in there for hours everyday and let them scan to see her. 🙂

They couldn’t get a good view of something around the heart because of the way she was turned, so the ultrasound tech had me lay on my left side (baby girl likes my right side) so that she would move a little.  The tech then proceeded to prod into my abdomen and under my hip to get the view she needed.  Ouch.  I’m still experiencing some pain from this.  I’m hoping she didn’t prod baby girl too hard in there.  I’ll take the pain as long as she is fine.

The tech and the doctor said that she looks great!  I am so relieved.  My husband was with me and his big smile was my second favorite part of the day.  I hope that he can feel her move soon.  I know he wants to so bad.

My next appointment will be the glucose test.  I hear it’s super fun!  I asked the doctor about my chances of having gestational diabetes.  He doesn’t think I have a high chance (even with the PCOS) but I’m not going to get my hopes up until the results are in.  I have everything else related to PCOS, so I assume I will have this too.  The only bright side about it is that I would be induced about a week early.  That means seeing baby girl a week earlier!  I know I shouldn’t hope for an early delivery, but I’m only trying to see a bright side to another possible PCOS problem.

Now that we have double confirmed that we are having a little lady, it’s time to get busy! Time to get the nursery painted, furniture ordered and registries set up!  Too bad we are too busy in the next couple weeks to do any of that!  Soon though!


2 thoughts on “Anatomy Scan

  1. So glad it was a fulfilling appointment 🙂 I am hoping you DON’T have gestational diabetes, and that your little girl just happens to roll out of there a few days early, just to make momma happy 🙂

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