Anatomy Scan

Yesterday was my anatomy scan!  It was so nice to see her again.  She’s adorable, even in black and white! 🙂  We got to see her heart, kidneys, brain, face, feet! Ah! So amazing!  I could sit in there for hours everyday and let them scan to see her. 🙂

They couldn’t get a good view of something around the heart because of the way she was turned, so the ultrasound tech had me lay on my left side (baby girl likes my right side) so that she would move a little.  The tech then proceeded to prod into my abdomen and under my hip to get the view she needed.  Ouch.  I’m still experiencing some pain from this.  I’m hoping she didn’t prod baby girl too hard in there.  I’ll take the pain as long as she is fine.

The tech and the doctor said that she looks great!  I am so relieved.  My husband was with me and his big smile was my second favorite part of the day.  I hope that he can feel her move soon.  I know he wants to so bad.

My next appointment will be the glucose test.  I hear it’s super fun!  I asked the doctor about my chances of having gestational diabetes.  He doesn’t think I have a high chance (even with the PCOS) but I’m not going to get my hopes up until the results are in.  I have everything else related to PCOS, so I assume I will have this too.  The only bright side about it is that I would be induced about a week early.  That means seeing baby girl a week earlier!  I know I shouldn’t hope for an early delivery, but I’m only trying to see a bright side to another possible PCOS problem.

Now that we have double confirmed that we are having a little lady, it’s time to get busy! Time to get the nursery painted, furniture ordered and registries set up!  Too bad we are too busy in the next couple weeks to do any of that!  Soon though!

17 Weeks!

Whoa, 17 weeks!  I can’t believe I almost forgot to do my update today!  My brain is all scrambled because my husband is out of town for work this week. womp womp!

So other than finding out the sex of the baby (Wooooo!!!) there hasn’t been any new things.  I’m still tired, but not napping everyday.  I’m still having trouble sleeping comfortably because my back feels like it’s completely out of whack.  I plan to visit the chiropractor tomorrow!  I’m sure they are going to be like “what have you done to your back!?”  I promise, it’s not me doing it.. it’s the little lady inside of me!  She’s allowed to do whatever she wants though.  I’ll take it!

My husband and I have started the list of names we like.  This is going to be extremely difficult!  We have two that we really like, but one of us each likes the other better.  Good thing we still have plenty of time to figure this out!  I just wish my mother would quit trying to call her names already.  Not suggesting names, but emailing me and calling her a specific name.  Like “thanks for the pictures!  Beth is so cute!”  What the hell??

This may be the slowest week of the pregnancy so far since I’m not working and I have no husband to keep me company at night.  *sigh*  I guess I’ll get plenty of research done for baby things!  I also need to purge more things.  I already tackled the hall closet and the guest room closet.  I’m terrified to even begin the nursery closet.  There is so much craft junk stuffed in there it’s not even possible to describe.  Just imagine if a craft store blew up and that will probably give you a good indication of how it looks.

Here is a picture of my bump… which contains a tiny, little, baby girl!  I took this picture at 5:00pm instead of early in the morning like normal, so it is mostly belly with a thick layer of bloat!  There is no doubt about it now… the top is definitely trying to catch up with the bottom.  It should be completely round in a matter of a week or two.  Crazy!  I guess that’s what you get when you have a big uterus. 😉

Belly 17

16 Week Appointment

Yesterday was my 16 week appointment.  Standard appointment (from what I’ve been told about appointments).  Pee in a cup, blood pressure and then a chat with the doctor about how I’m feeling, followed by listening to the heartbeat.  I love the heartbeat. 🙂  It was right around 145, which she said was great.  Then she measured my stomach/bump/uterus?  That’s when she decided that I was measuring too big for 16w3d. I had no idea what that meant.. maybe the RE shouldn’t have pushed my due date back four days?  The doctor told me that it usually means that there is extra amniotic fluid, which isn’t bad, but she wanted to do an ultrasound asap to check and see exactly what was causing it and have it documented.

Okay, no biggy.  So I went to check out and the lady saw the note and said “I’m going to see if they can get you in right now!”  Huh, uh oh! I thought maybe next week sometime.  So she goes to the back and finds out that they can fit me in soon.  So I go to the waiting room and text my husband like crazy.  I couldn’t bring myself to Google it.  I was surrounded by people in the waiting room and didn’t want to get emotional if I did read something bad.  Luckily my husband is awesome and he Googled and let me know that the few things that could cause it, aren’t serious. Whew!  I was still upset that he couldn’t be there, but I figured it would be a quick in and out and on my way.

Within about 20-25 minutes, I was called back.  Warm, gooey gel was applied (yay for gel warmers!) and then I asked “hey, is there anyway you might be able to tell what the sex is today?”  She said she thought there was… woooo!! I might be able to surprise my husband with something!!  Now I was super excited.

She checked the fluid and everything looked perfect.  She measured the baby and everything looked fine.  Then she checked my ovaries and they were good.  One small cyst on my left ovary, probably left over from the IVF stuff.  Nothing to worry about.  She said that everything looked great and the only thing that would have me measuring big is my long, skinny uterus.  haha  So, there you go.  My uterus is big.  It’s actually spread a little above my belly button, which she said is a little higher than normal for this far along.  Apparently it should be right at my belly button?  Eh, everything is fine so I don’t care how big my uterus is.

….and I got to find out the sex!!!!

It’s a….


It’s a…..


It’s a GIRL!! 🙂

My husband is so excited.  I love to see him like this.  We even started a list of names last night!  I am so glad we got to find out early, because we have TONS of stuff do to around the house before another person can live here!  Let the cleaning, purging and painting… BEGIN!!