TMI Update (A Tear & Geographic Tongue)

Lately this little lady has been dancing around on my bladder.  I had no idea what that was going to feel like, but I wasn’t aware that you could feel the kicks so much more when she does that.  Probably because you feel like your bladder may explode every time you feel movement.  I’m okay with some extra trips to the bathroom though!

So, let’s get into some weird things I’ve been going through.  The first thing I’d like to talk about is a tear I have… down there.  Last July I had a two tears in lady land.  They were located between my labia’s.  To say that these felt horrible would be an understatement.  I went to the doctor to have them checked out.  This was back when I was at the GYN practice that didn’t seem to even realize women had vagina’s (they are worthless (the doctors, not vagina’s)), so at first he couldn’t see the tears.  I pointed them out (they were bleeding… see why he is worthless?  What else would bleed between your labia??) and he said “oh, well, this happens and we don’t really know why.  Have a nice day.”  Nothing about what causes this, what I should do to keep from getting an infection, nothing!  Needless to say I was upset.  I went out to my car and before I left I googled.  Google informed me that this can be caused by dryness, caused by birth control.  Huh, so Google knew right away, but a DOCTOR of gynecology didn’t have a clue.  Did I mention this practice is worthless?  So anyway, those healed and two months later I was off birth control to start IVF.

Well, here is the deal, I have another tear, but this time it’s not between my labia.  I also do not have any dryness, if anything I’m a bit more moist (heh.. moist) than I’ve been in years.  So, this new tear is on my perineum.  I know this is something that can happen during birth, but I had no idea this could happen during pregnancy.  I tried to Google, but Google has nothing on this.  Is this super weird?  It’s not huge, but it is there, and it does hurt to wipe.  I’m taking two showers a day to make sure I keep it super clean to avoid infection, but other than that I’m not sure there is much that can be done about it.  At this rate, between being uncomfortable, having an achy back, and having a tear, I may never have sex again!  My poor husband.

Another thing I’ve noticed since becoming pregnant is that my geographic tongue is worse than ever.  For those of you unfamiliar with geographic tongue, it’s nothing serious.  You just get smooth patches on your tongue for a week or two at a time.  They start off small and grow for a few days.  This whole thing is painless.  If you don’t brush your tongue when you brush your teeth (you should) you’d never even notice these patches were there… except when you’re pregnant.  From what I’ve read, they aren’t sure what causes these patches to suddenly cause pain once you’re pregnant, but it really is no joke.  It feels like you can actually feel your tongue being scrapped off as the patch grows.  It hurts to eat salty foods and it really hurts to brush your tongue.  I’m hoping they go back to their painlessness once I have my little one.

I’ve decided to include a picture of my tongue for those of you who may be going through this yourselves, or for those of you who are just curious.  It’s not pretty.  Just remember that this is not caused by anything bad and it will not cause anything bad to happen (besides pain when you’re pregnant).  It is a completely harmless issue to have, but it may cause some embarrassment when you stick your tongue out at someone and forget it looks like it’s been shaved.  It could definitely cause some funny looks to be thrown your way.  The one on the bottom was finally starting to heal just as the one on the side popped up.  The one on the bottom took up the entire bottom of my tongue just a couple days ago.  Hope this didn’t gross anyone out too bad… I’m only posting to try and help those who may be going through it!

Icky, I know!

Icky, I know!


9 thoughts on “TMI Update (A Tear & Geographic Tongue)

  1. The tongue thing looks pretty gross, I have to be honest. But then again, most pictures of tongues always look gross. So… *shrug* So sorry it HURTS though. That’s what I hate about it! Wish it was benign and painless.
    And omg as you get further along in pregnancy… the leukorrhea gets worse…. I thought I could give up panty liners and things of that nature for 9 months. Not so. Not so at all. And I think my bladder MIGHT be leaking occasionally without my knowledge?! WTF?! I swear I do kegels. I HAVE STRONG PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES. So confused. And disgusted.
    Oh, and sorry about your tear, it sounds awful!

    • Yea, I know it’s super not cute, but I wanted to post it for people who may be going through the horrible tongue problem too! Sorry for grossing you out. 😉 haha
      Glad to know it gets worse, it’s kind of insane right now. I feel like I’ve slightly peed myself all day most days. I haven’t started wearing liners yet because I have flashbacks of eight weeks of suppositories. haha
      Yea, the tear stinks… It’s starting to heal though! So that’s good!

  2. It’s seriously so crazy all the things that change in our bodies to create a miniature! I don’t have the tongue or tear problem but when I sneeze…I def pee a little. If I think about it, I don’t. But I haven’t had to think about that my whole life so I just sneeze like normal then think, “Aww shit. Thank God I wear pantyliners every day!” lol

      • Do you slather yourself in lotion from top to bottom before getting into bed? That’s the only way I can keep from itching. I put Belli Oil on my butt, stomach, hips and boobs and then every other inch of me is covered in super moisturizing lotion. I also have to wet my hair before bed and braid it to keep my hair from itching me while I sleep. It sounds weird, but it helps so much to keep all hair off of you!

    • You’re welcome! I hate that you are going through it. I hope it’s not painful at least! I just had my second baby and did not experience any painful geographic tongue, just a little bit of the regular non-painful variety.

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