she’s here!

She arrived on 6/26 at 7:16 pm! I am not even going to attempt to explain how important epidurals are.  My contractions were so bad after the first seven hours of consistent contractions I couldn’t even breath.  I was crying so hard I thought I was going to throw up.  Seriously, why is pain considered to be worth it?

Anyway, She is here and I am so insanely in love! She started breast feeding within 15 minutes of being out. She is a pro…. and a hungry one at that!  I will write more once I get to a laptop, for now I will be holding my daughter (whoa!) And trying to get a little rest! I’ve been up or 21.5 hours!


8 thoughts on “she’s here!

  1. Wait wait wait…. How did this happen! I’ve missed like the last THREE posts! I’m a terrible blogger!! more importantly…… arrrrrgh I am so excited for u. She’s absolutely gorjus look at that beautiful nose 🙂 I have no idea what the time difference is but i am slightly freaked out that I thought of u two days ago must of been early afternoon and I was at work, actually Id gone for my 60th wee and as I sat down I thought I must come and see how you are and if u have given birth yet!!!!!!! And now two days later I see that you did the DAY I was thinking about you!!! How freaky is that!!

    I’m going to read all these posts and catch up. I’m so amazingly in awe I can’t believe that teeny bump is now a beautiful amazing bubba. And woah high five on the breast feeding that’s fab 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a millions congrats 🙂 xxxxxxxx

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