39ish Week Checkup & Parent Fun?

Yesterday I had my 39ish week checkup!  So far there has not been any changes since Monday (I went in to check and make sure I had in fact peed myself and not actually had my water break — I peed myself).  I’m still at 1cm dilated, but I am now 50% effaced.  Woop!  These strong, yet infrequent, contractions are actually doing something!  My husband and I are hoping that the super moon this weekend will pull her right out.  Here’s hoping!

On to the fun parent thing.  *sigh*  I’m frustrated.  Our parents are VERY different.  I mean, there is no way to explain how different they are.  My parents are loud and opinionated and insane, and his are quiet and insane.  Insane in different ways, but they are all insane, which is the only thing they have in common… it’s just too bad that they don’t have the same type of insanity so that this wouldn’t be so awkward.  Turns out that the thought of all of our families being in one house together while we are in the hospital is just too much for them to take.  His parents and my dad are dreading the full house of people.  His parents don’t even want to stay the night.  We were really counting on them to stay here and take care of our dogs (like the plan had originally been) but when they found out my family would be here too, they decided that they didn’t want to be here.  Now, I could take offense, but I won’t, I will just say that they should be able to suck it up for two days and get along with a house full of people to help us out.  And my family should be able to do the same.  Why is it that children are the only ones who have to suck it up and be part of uncomfortable situations?  I went to a baby shower that his mother hosted and it was all HER friends.  Can we say awkward?  But guess who did it? Me!  And I didn’t complain once.

I just don’t understand why all the parents are suddenly anti staying here when they’ve known all along that this was going to happen?  My family can’t afford hotel rooms, and his family has a dog they are traveling with.  Well, whatever.  We won’t be here to suffer through the uncomfortableness with everyone….. I’m just hoping we can find someone to take care of our dogs if it turns out they all leave after one day.  Wish us luck!

Next appointment is the 27th…… will I have to go?!?!  If I don’t go into labor naturally by July 1st, I will be induced! Ah! That means ten days AT THE MOST before we get to meet our baby girl. 😉