A Day and a Half Until “Reality”

Well, on Thursday my husband will be heading back to work.  I’ve talked him into only working half days on Thursday and Friday.  It will be a good mini test run for me and the little lady.  If it turns out I start to lose my mind, my in-laws are on standby to come and rescue me.  It’s nice to know that they are on summer break for the next month, just in case.

He has been leaving me for short periods of time so I can try things out.  He is at the grocery store and picking up lunch right now.  I fed her, rocked her, and put her down in her pack and play.  I must say that I am AMAZED that she is actually sleeping in her pack and play right now.  Why do I have a feeling that she won’t be this easy as soon as the hubby is back to work?  Maybe she is just lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of Doctor Who?  😉

Other than the cluster feedings that still spring up here and there, she has been feeding pretty regularly.  The night before last she pretty much fed from 8pm to 3am.  Holy cow, I’m not sure I’ve ever been that tired.  We got through it though!  Today I may try pumping for the first time.  I’m going to do a little research on how to pump and store the milk, then go from there.  I’m planning on feeding her, then pumping out whatever remains after the feeding (doctors recommendation).  Since she still has instances of cluster feeding, I will only try pumping once a day, just to make sure that if she does need to cluster feed at night, I’ll be ready for her.

I absolutely love my baby girl.

2 thoughts on “A Day and a Half Until “Reality”

  1. awwww who isn’t lulled by the sounds of Dr Who??? 🙂 omg I HATE pumping. Well. I hate how time consuming it is… like if I feed her, the last thing I want to do is pump… getting out all the parts, making sure they are clean/ready to go, actually pumping for 20 minutes, then cleaning up. I am like, who has time to do that when they have to care for a baby?! the only reality of pumping I see is if I’m at work, or someone else is caring for her. And, pumping totally makes my nipples gigantic and misshapen (they do go back to normal) but it’s so gross and I just really hate that. I hope it’s not just me… please report back. lol I hope your pumping experience is good. It’s definitely a fantastic thing to do if you can do it… and start storing up milk so your husband can feed the baby sometime and you can have a break!
    Tabitha slept from 10:30pm-4:30am and 5am-7:30am last night. A 6 hour stretch! Who knows what tonight will bring, but they did say that things get better at 6 weeks. Just hang in there!

  2. OMG I hate pumping!! I would do it for 20 minutes or so after a feeding. Good way to up your supply though. First thing in the morning or at night is when your prolactin levels are the highest so you will have the most milk to produce results. Remember that what you pump is not indicative to what baby is getting. Nothing can produce milk like baby, so don’t worry if you don’t get much from the pump. Also lay the milk flat to freeze so it is easier to stack and store.
    R still doesn’t sleep and nurses all night so if you find a trick let me know haha. I am desperate.

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