Well, What Now?

I’ve gone to write entries in here a few times over the past couple days.  Right now I’ve got a sleepy lady in my lap, so I thought I’d write out an entry while I have a few minutes.  I’m having trouble figuring out what the next step is for this blog.  Do I start writing about my baby and upset those who come to this blog for help/thoughts on infertility, or do I stick with only discussing problems I may start to experience with my PCOS creeping back up on me?  Or, should I give this blog a farewell and switch over to my new one forever?  I’m torn.  I have a lot of followers (somewhere around 90 at the moment) and I have a lot of people who search and find me for thoughts on infertility.  I’m just worried that I have nothing left to offer the infertility world.  If we try for baby #2 one day, I may have more to offer the infertility world, but for now I feel like every entry I write about my new baby girl will just be salt in the wounds of those who are continuing to struggle.  At least, that’s how it would feel if roles were reversed.

I shall ponder this further….

2 thoughts on “Well, What Now?

  1. If you start a new blog, please let us know! My baby girl is due in October so we’re not to far behind you. It would be nice to go from sharing infertility struggles to sharing parenting stories. I have been debating the same thing though!!

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