I May Have Found A Flow….

Okay, so, I was trying to do the breastfeeding thing where I offer one boob, let her go to town until she was done, and then put her to sleep.  Well, she keeps waking up every hour to eat more, so I decided to try feeding for 15-20 on one side (usually until she falls asleep), then I change her diaper, and then I let her feed from the other boob (usually 10-15 more minutes).  I did this exclusively last night and it seems to be working wonders.  We will see if it was just a fluke….

Right now she is still asleep (10:00am here).  I HAD to get up and eat, so I let her and daddy sleep in this morning.  I haven’t been eating anything until noon or 1:00pm lately, so this has been a treat to eat something so early in the morning!

3 thoughts on “I May Have Found A Flow….

  1. Hope it continues to work. That is what the LC had me do, she called it dinner and dessert haha. Feed from one side until done, burp and offer the other. Make sure to keep up your calorie intake or your milk supply will drop. Eat, Eat, Eat!!

  2. That’s what I’ve been doing too… In the first weeks, he used to fall asleep when eating all the time, so the midwives adviced me to change his nappy, undress him, tickle him… Anything to keep him awake 🙂

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