No Touchy

I am so uncomfortable.  I will be so happy if this is my last night of injections (other than the trigger shots (yes, shotS (Plural)).  Other than barely being able to wear underwear due to the extreme swelling/bloating in my abdomen, now my breasts (specifically, my thermometers ;)) can barely be touched by my shirt.  Hormones, man, hormones.

I can’t believe I’m nervous about my scan tomorrow too.  It will be 24 hours between today’s and tomorrow’s, yet I’m still worried that something is going to be wrong.  Is this normal?  Should I be this freaked out at all times?  I’m pretty sure it’s normal from what I’ve read on other blogs.

And do you know, in the middle of all this uncomfortable, untouchable, crazy-minded stuff I’m going through… I really miss sex?  We had very careful sex this past weekend, but that was difficult to do because I could feel my ovaries aching.  We were cautious because when we had sex during IUI’s, we must have knocked one of my swollen, droopy ovaries and I ended up on the bathroom floor for 30 minutes thinking I might have to go to the hospital. Ouch.  Yet, I’m still wanting some!  You see, one of my symptoms of PCOS, which is caused by my higher than normal male hormones, is a crazy awesome sex drive.  I’m talking 4-5 times a week is pretty standard.  Now it’s been one time in almost three weeks?  Whew.  Tough times. 😉

If someone had told me growing up that I’d be attempting to make a baby without sex, I would have laughed and laughed… and laughed….

Actually, it is kind of amusing when you think about it…. right?

4 thoughts on “No Touchy

  1. Ouch, that sounds painful! And good for you for keeping up the sex during this stressful time. I’m sure that your relationship is all the better for it! We’re not usually good at doing that due to the stress, although we did have purely “recreational” sex the other week, and it had a positive impact. We were more affectionate with each other afterward and less stressed, just like we were in the good ol’ days before baby-making. It helps to remind you of why you’re a couple, and that the #1 reason you’re together is not to make babies.

    I think it’s totally normal to be stressed about all of these tests. After all, once we get here, we’ve already failed a few of them (unless you’re one of the unlucky “unexplained” cases). But, you’re right that it’s only been 24 hours and that everything will probably be good. 🙂 I wish you lots of luck!

  2. It is hard to have sex during this time, it’s just not fun anymore.. hubby and I are afraid we might poke something inside me, so very careful sex is the way to go 🙄
    5 times a week? You rock girl! that’s one/the only good thing about having PCOS! lol
    ps. my thermometers are very tender and sore too!

    • Yea, we opted out of the sex. When you can’t even wear your pants because your ovaries scream at you, sex probably isn’t the best thing to try. I have found a new love for my sweat pants though!

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