32 Weeks Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be 32 weeks pregnant with my little guy.  I’m in that stage of being confused by whether I want time to speed up or slow down.  My body wants to be done, but my mind is all like “you want to have two kids to take care of right now? Huh? HUH?!”  The majority of the time, my mind is still winning and my body is staying silent… ish.

So far we’ve got most of his room done.  I find myself wanting to mimic our daughters room in a way.  I don’t want him to have more things than her, or less things than her.  I want them to both feel that their spaces are happy and have had a lot of love put into them.  I made my daughter most of her decorations.  I painted three animal paintings, painted letters spelling out her first name for her wall, and painted a three picture frame to hang her ultrasound pictures on the wall.  So far, for our little guy, I’ve got one animal picture painting done and his name craft done, which we have to hide until he’s born because it’s a secret. Shhhhhh….  Anyway, I’m getting closer, but my body is revolting in my free time and making me sleep instead of craft.  Maybe I’ll have all his crafts done by the time he starts kindergarten!

I’m still freaking out a little.  Especially since my daughter is currently fighting naps.  *sob sob sob*  She’s 2.5, and not taking it well at all.  She still needs naps, but for some reason she just isn’t most days.  I feel like she knows something is about the change.  Something big….. (and not just my belly, which is huge).  I’m just hoping she goes back to napping more frequently so that I can nap more frequently too!  I’d pay her money, but she doesn’t understand bribes yet.  Too bad too… I’d definitely pay $50 for a nap.  She doesn’t know what she’s missing!

4 thoughts on “32 Weeks Tomorrow

  1. Naps are hard for us too. I feel totally confused as to how much sleep she should be getting. And when she does nap, bedtime seems to take FOREVER. So it seems like it all evens out in the end. The end of nap time is very scary, especially at their age because they aren’t “independent” yet. If they could chill by themselves for 1.5 hours that would be awesome =P

    • That would be nice. E can’t chill by herself for 1.5 minutes. haha

      I think if I wasn’t pregnant, a not nap day would be less hated. I mean, she’s still in her bed quiet for 1.5 hours, then she goes to bed an hour early. I’m still sort of winning. But since I’m super pregnant and everything hurts and everything is tired, I need that nap like I need air. I tend to hold it against her when she doesn’t nap, which are not my best mommy moments.

      • Lamb can’t chill by herself for 1.5 minutes either. If I run upstairs to change my clothes she starts going “MOMMY MOMMY I WANT TO COME TOOO I WANT TO COME TOOO!!!!” I seriously wish we lived in a one story house. OMG

      • Me too!! I just said this to the hubs about 5 minutes ago. haha Sad thing is we looked at some and they just didn’t do it for us. We had our chance, if you get yours, take it!

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