Okay, ladies, not sure if you’ve all experienced this, or none of you, but I’ll share my experience.  Today I thought my pubic area was going to explode.  That’s how bad the pain was down there.  It started across my entire abdomen.  It wasn’t cramps, but it was cramp like.  I’ve been having these pains when I pee and when I have gas, and apparently they are completely normal.  They just decided to sneak attack on me today all at once.  I knew it wasn’t cramps, again, because when it was in my abdomen, it radiated down into my pubic area.  It was one of the weirdest pains I’ve ever had.  I’ve had two friends tell me they are round ligament pains.

I finally laid down and got some sleep.  Slept for about an hour and when I got up to let the dogs out, the pain had moved to groin/pubic area only.  It was unbearable to even stand up.  Luckily, my trusty phone found a website (http://www.wheniampregnant.com/discomforts/pain-in-pelvic-area-in-early-pregnancy.html) that told me that this was a normal pain.  For a little while, I was worried, no matter what my friends kept telling me “it’s normal, lay down and try to relax.”  Pain when pregnant seems bad to me, but I guess some pain is necessary, what with the stretching and the whatnot.

This brings me to another important thing that happened to me today.  I decided that pregnancy scans should be done every three days at least.  My brain is going to be on hyperdrive until my scan on the 30th, especially after today.  I know that the pain wasn’t cramping, it only lasted a total of 45 minutes all together and it wasn’t in an area that would scream miscarriage…. so i’m trying to get my head back into a relaxed mode.  I think I might get some HPT’s to pee on for the next couple weeks….