Done With Birth Control

Well, I’m done with birth control for the time being (hopefully about ten months).  So glad too.  My body has been feeling quite icky from skipping my period and going to the next pack.  Super bloated.  Now on Saturday the bloat will start to go crazy from the meds.  When we were doing the IUI’s, I got to a point where I couldn’t button my pants.  I had to wear stretch pants or do the hair tie through the button hole on my jeans.  Sometimes the hair tie through the button hole didn’t even work.  Since my meds are tripled each day from what they were from IUI, I guess it’s going to be pretty uncomfortable.  I welcome it! I’m ready! Bring on the super bloat!

Nursing Class

Whew… that was a lot of information.  My favorite part of the class was the nurse (she was awesome) and my second favorite part was learning that even though I will be taking 2-3 meds at a time, I get to mix them together and only do one injection a night! Woo! I had no idea that was a thing!  My least favorite part was when we had to pay $9,555.  Ouchy.  Later this afternoon I get to pay $3,000 for the meds.  Worth it!!

So, here is my dosage per day:

225 IU of Follistim
3 Vials of Menopur
(Do this for X number of days — depending on how the ultrasounds go)
Then eventually add in Genirelix for maybe 3-4 days
Then 2 trigger shots of Ovidrel 36 hours before retrieval.

Right now the retrieval is schedules for sometime between September 24-28, with transfer sometime between October 1-5, depending on how the follicles are growing… which is my biggest worry now that I know my AMH has basically disappeared.  My first ultrasound will be next Wednesday on the 19th.  Let’s go ovaries!  You can do it!