Everything Is Driving Me CRAZY!!!

Okay, let’s just say that MAYBE this all has to do with pregnancy hormones…. but once you hear the things going on in my life, you may think it’s everyone else who is to blame.

1.  My sister is a gun loving, pro-choice hating, liberal-bashing conservative.  Actually, that describes about 99.9% of my family.  Not that I’m pleased with it, especially the parts of my family who don’t believe that two loving adults who happen to share the same undercarriage can’t get married, but I put up with it because I KNOW that changing peoples minds on politics is impossible.  They can’t change mine, so I don’t even attempt to change theirs.  That being said, my sister keeps tagging me in posts on Facebook that are completely wrong and sick.  For instance, two days ago she tagged me in a post that had two pictures, one said “conservative rape kit” and showed a gun and a pamphlet that said “castration made easy.”  The other pictures showed a pamphlet entitled “understanding your rapist” and a Planned Parenthood parking pass.  I asked her to delete me from the post because it was in such poor taste.  She refused.  She tagged me in another today about guns.  It wasn’t as horrible, but it’s just more and more weight pushing on my crazy button.  I (think) I now have it set up so that I have to approve anything I’m tagged in, but I guess I won’t know for sure until someone tries.  So… there is thing one.

2.  We are looking for a new house.  Our closing date on this house is the 17th.  It’s pretty clear that we are going into an apartment for a couple months, and we are fine with that.  This is a big step to buy our next house.  We want everything to be perfect for baby girl to grow up in.  My mom keeps sending me houses to look at online.  Now, don’t you think that I have seen every house online in the areas we are looking in?  If you think this, you are correct.  She also knows what we are looking for.  So, she keeps sending me houses that are not in the right areas AND don’t fit our criteria at all.  I know she means well, but she literally sent me 10 houses today and all of them were wrong.  Why does she continue to think there are houses out there that I haven’t seen yet??  Why is everyone DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

3.  Moving SUCKS!  Especially at 28 weeks pregnant when all you want to do is sleep, eat, and watch Sex and the City.  There are boxes just sitting here collecting dust… waiting to be filled.  I don’t want to move.  I want to stay here and nest and forget about all this craziness.

Ugh…. I think I’m starting to feel all this stress at once….. I wish I had some chocolate pie.

14 Weeks

Well, today is actually 14 weeks 3 days, but we’ve been out of town.

This past Sunday we went to visit my side of the family for Christmas.  It was time to announce!  We decided to do it by writing it on a cake and setting it down in front of everyone.  It was a hit.  Mom cried, sister cried…. no clue when my family became so emotional.  I actually got in trouble with my dad for making fun of my sister for crying.  Guess you’re never too old or too much of an adult to get in trouble for not being nice to your sister.  *Insert Eye Rolling*

The family was super excited, which was understandable.  They all think I’m an old maid (28 years old) who was never going to have children.  They don’t know anything about what we’ve been through because they would be INSANE.  My mom would probably call me everyday, telling me that she just read that B6 cures PCOS, or if I eat extra broccoli, my egg reserve will go up.  I’m not exaggerating, they truly do this type of thing.  So our little struggle will be kept between us.

I wasn’t expecting to be as stressed out as I was there.  You may notice that this post is not written in my usual upbeat style.  I am tired and still thinking about how much I get stressed out when we visit my side.  I can’t help it.  Everyone is in love with being in everyone else’s business there.  My mom said that I had to know the “rules” for naming our baby if it’s a girl.  Um, rules?  I don’t think so.  My sister would not quit rubbing my belly.  I LOVE when my husband rubs my belly.  In fact, I’m IN LOVE with my husband rubbing my belly, but I do not like anyone else doing it.  I’m just not a touchy-feel-y person, unless I happen to be touching and feeling my husband. 🙂  Now I can expect phone calls all the time with helpful tips and them asking me if I need this or want this or if I’ve seen that.  I tried to tell them to just stick to our registry, but I doubt that will happen.  Is anyone else as stressed out by their family as I am?  I can’t imagine I’d be the only one!

Oh, and they also all want to be up there while I’m in the hospital.  That would be 7 people just from my side.  *Insert Hyperventilating*  I fully intend to call them once I start pushing.  Hopefully I can get the baby out within the 3.5 hours it would take them to get here.  😉  Still though, I can’t fit 9 (7 on my side and my husbands parent) people, plus me and my husband and a baby in our house at the same time….. ahhh… my blood pressure is starting to rise again.

I don’t have a picture for 14 weeks, because I’ve either been traveling or exhausted, but from what I can tell, it looks about the same as last week.  I’ll be sure to get a 15 week picture up this coming Monday.  Other than still being extremely tired, I’ve been having some bloody noses.  Not dripping type of bloody nose, but when I blow my nose there is blood.  I’m thinking of investing in a humidifier.  Anyone else had to do this?

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season!  Be safe and happy this New Year!!