All Praise The Chiropractor

Well, it wasn’t an aneurysm, or a brain bleed, or even a tumor.  It was a messed up neck and back.

I’ve struggled for a long time with neck, shoulder, and mid-back pain.  It’s getting worse and worse, but every six weeks (sometimes four weeks) I go to the chiropractor, and my pain is immediately healed for a few weeks.  Now that my daughter is growing, getting heavier, and becoming way more demanding of me, my back pain is worse.  Couple that with HUGE BOOBS (I mean, I’m a 34H now, and I was a 34DD before my daughter), and the anxiety that I still have (which is NOTHING compared to where it was before I started taking Magnesium), I get a lot of pain.

I would have never in a million years guessed that all I needed to cure my exploding brain pain during sex was a chiropractic adjustment.  Never.  I still don’t believe it.  First, I help my anxiety with Magnesium?  Seriously??  Then, I am relieved of this tremendous amount of pain by a simple adjustment?  I don’t even know what to say.  It sounds stupid to even write this.  You all are going to think that I’m trying to sell you something.  I mean, I have nothing to sell you, but if you’d like to just give me some money, I’d be okay with that.

I am so sorry to have frightened anyone about my health.  I’m sorry I frightened myself and my husband.  I just had no idea.  Now I know that a messed up alignment can really jack you up, in the worst way possible.  If you suffer from constant headaches, back pain, or neck pain.  RUN, don’t walk, to the best chiropractor in your area and get yourself straightened out (literally).

I’m going to go relax now, or have sex, because I totally can without breaking down into hysterical sobs!  Score!

34 Weeks!

I am very excited to be at 34 weeks (as of 5/13).  Although I feel like 34 weeks is far along, I also feel like I’ve been pregnant for three years now.  I think all of the infertility treatments + the entire pregnancy has just extended the feeling of the entire pregnancy.  Maybe that’s just crazy talk?

I’m glad I still have a few weeks (as long as everything goes as planned) because our closing on our house (supposed to be tomorrow) has been moved to next Wednesday.  Apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to change appraisal laws and payment, and now all the appraisers suck and don’t do anything on time.  Why should they? They apparently don’t get penalized for being slow and horrible.  Ugh.

Along with our disappointing house news, I also had a terrible experience at the Chiropractor today.  I always go on Tuesday because I am familiar with that particular chiropractor.  The other guy there is a newbie and, no offense, but I am not trusting my pregnant body to a new guy….. or so I’ve been telling myself.  Today I was unpleasantly surprised to find that the new guy was there instead of my normal guy.  Usually I would have said “no thanks” and come back on Thursday, but since we were supposed to be MOVING on Thursday, I thought I’d go ahead.  I’ve been having a really bad pain in the right side of my back that they’ve been trying to work out.  The stand up popping was working for a couple weeks, but it stopped being enough.  The new guy wanted to try a different way.  He had me get on my hands and knees and he pushed my back in some strange way.  The pain was horrible.  It was all I could do to keep from crying until I got to my car.  Right after the adjustment I couldn’t even stand up the pain across the top of my belly was so bad.  Instead of asking me if I was okay, he looked at me and said “wow, I’ve never heard of that hurting anyone before.  Weird.”  I cried in my car for 20 minutes before I could leave.  I also wanted to make sure that the little one was moving before I went home.  I was ready to drive straight to the doctors office to check on her.  The pain was so intense, there is no way she didn’t feel some part of it.  I’m still worried and still staying vigilant.  I’m looking for any extra leaking or contractions (I’ve still never had one). Am I being paranoid?  I don’t care, it was horrible.  I’m considering not going back for the rest of the pregnancy.  My back is still hurting just as bad as it was before the adjustment.  I think I’ll just grin and bear it.

Other than all that fun stuff, everything is pretty standard.  I have an appointment on Friday!  Peeing in the cup is becoming particularly troublesome…. I can’t even see my feet, so trying to see my goods is impossible.  Just listening for the pee hitting plastic and you’ve won!

No belly picture this week…. today has been a crap-shoot and I just want to curl up in bed and try to sleep.  I think a bath might be in order tonight too!  For now, I shall finish watching my TV shows and lay on my heating pad and try not to cry when I think about the chiropractor today.  Yes, even though I can no longer feel the pain, I have still been crying occasionally.  That’s how scary and painful it was.  Ah!

30 Week Checkup!

All was well!  Strong heartbeat from my little one, and I gained exactly the right amount of weight! Woo!  First time in months I haven’t been given the “well, maybe you should watch what you eat a little more….”  I call that a win!

I also went to the chiropractor.  I’ve been going once a month to coincide with my OB appointments.  I told him about how the only time I don’t have horrendous leg pain at night is when I get an adjustment.  I’m good for about 3-4 days and then the pain is back… with a vengeance.  The diagnosis?  Being put back on active care, meaning that I will go twice a week and insurance will cover part of it.  If I can start sleeping better I will be all like.. WOOOO!!!  I’ll keep you all updated.

That’s all for now!