Let’s Chat About Progesterone…

So, I guess I am 1dp3dt?  Is that how people do that?  I’m going with it.  I don’t plan on doing that countdown thing everyday though.  I think it would make me more nervous for the up and coming results day.  Anyway…

(A little warning — this entry may contain too much information, but I feel it’s something others may be experiencing, so I’d like to put my information out there so maybe I can help others.)

The progesterone is out to kill me… I’m sure of it.  Along with oily skin, oily hair, bloating and moodiness… I have been super constipated.  Yesterday was day four and I was so miserable I could hardly stand it.  I was told during my transfer that along with Colace (which I had started Saturday morning — took 100mg twice daily) that I should drink a cup of prune juice, warmed in the microwave for 30 seconds.  I don’t mind prunes, so I said “WHATEVER IT TAKES!!”  I tried it, and it wasn’t bad.  I liked it warmed up.  I took my colace, I ate my pineapple (which should also help constipation, along with implantation) and still felt terrible.  Now, this is where it gets a little TMI.  I knew I had to go or I was going to just feel sicker and sicker.  My body health right now is so important that I knew I had to get something out.  Anything!  So I struggled a bit, and strained.  I was so worried about straining on the day of the transfer that I went Google crazy.  Luckily it says that shouldn’t affect anything, especially so early because nothing is attached, they are just sort of floating around in there, hopefully growing and developing before they latch on around day 3-5 after transfer.  Whew… good!  I was seriously freaking out.  It was necessary though.  I finally had some success last night before bed and I almost couldn’t get to sleep I was THAT excited.

So, why share all of this?  Because it’s important for others to know that this is a problem and you need to start early to take care of it.  Before you start progesterone, start drinking more water.  I know everyone says that, but it’s serious.  Also, maybe introduce prunes or prune juice into your diet earlier.  There are lists of foods that are high in fiber and can help prevent things like this online… go find them and eat some of them.  The hard part is making sure they are compatible with trying to get pregnant.  We all know pineapple can assist in implantation, but too much can hurt implantation.  So it’s a little tricky.

As for the oily skin and hair, the bloating and the moodiness.  I can live with that.  I can dance around with that all day, but I cannot NOT go.  I plan to stay on top of this problem.  Right now i’m eating Kale chips.  Kale is high in fiber — fiber yay!

I hope everyone out there is feeling healthy and happy and not suffering quite so much as me.  🙂

Must Eat All Of The Things…

So, another side effect i’m noticing is my bottomless pit of a stomach… which seems to want lots of sugar.  I’m also totally exhausted.  Maybe my body is trying to overcome all the tired by eating all of the sugar. Ugh… what a battle.  My stomach is already bloating out enough, I’m sure the extra sugar isn’t going to help.  Bright side?  I am going to rock my sweat pants like you wouldn’t believe!

Worth it though!

When I did my IUI’s last year, I never had pain with any of my injections, except for the Ganirelix and that was just after the injection.  It would burn, itch and turn red at the injection site for 30 minutes to an hour.  But this Menopur + Follistim combo burns as soon as I start the injection… and there is a lot in the injection.  Ouchy.  Also, I’m having bruising from the injections.  They are about an inch long, half an inch wide, and almost rectangular in shape.  They are so weird.  My stomach is going to look pretty neat by the time I’ve done a week and a half worth of injections.  I plan to take a pretty picture once it’s all done.

…I wonder how much it’s going to hurt once I have to add the Ganirelix into the injection.

Worth it though!

Time for bed… I plan to sleep for at least 10 hours… maybe my dogs will be nice to be and let me sleep for 12? 🙂