I Am An “Anomaly”

That is the exact description my Reproductive Endocrinologist gave to me after my second AMH results, which were 15.  He assumes that in six months it could be as high as 20.  He has no idea why my level is so high, seeing as how you cannot grow more eggs.  My level definitely dropped in 2012.  There was no doubt.  Two AMH tests (.67 and 1.3), an ultrasound, and the fact that even with an incredibly high dose of medication for IVF, I only produced eight follicles, only five of which were mature.  There is all the proof you need.  My ovarian reserve was gone.  Diminished, if you will.

I emailed the doctor back to ask what this means.  No response yet.

The Anomaly waits….

The Absolutely Impossible AMH

Well, I got the results back from my AMH test.  14.  14?!  This is the email I received from my doctor :

“Very strange.  The level came back as 14.  This can’t be right.  I suggest you repeat the test.  I’ll put an order in your chart again.”

So, yea.  When a doctor starts your email with “very strange,” you should probably also think it’s very strange.  And I do!

Let’s go over the results again, so that everyone can comprehend the oddness of these results….


August 2011 – AMH at 6.9 (above a 3 is considered high, but I have PCOS, so this is very normal for someone with PCOS).

August 2012 – AMH at .67 — Test repeated and came back at a 1.3.  Obvious reason being Premature Ovarian Failure.  Had an ultrasound to verify the low findings, and it was verified that my ovarian reserve was depleted.  This is when we did IVF.  I was only able to produce five mature follicles, which was another indicator that my reserve was low.

March 2014 – AMH at 14.  Impossible!  Inconceivable!


So, I went back in on Wednesday and had my level tested again.  Haven’t heard back on the results.  I guess it takes a few days.  The doctor is just as confused as I am, so I know as soon as he gets the results I will be informed.

Yeeesh, what on earth is my body up to this time…..

Actual Medicine Symptoms

Since my stomach virus is finally starting to go away, I can actually tell what the Menopur, Follistim, or combination of the two is doing to me.  The answer?  Headache.  Super headache actually.  I guess when I think back to Saturday night and the thoughts going through my head about how I was sure it was causing my fever and upset stomach, I guess a headache isn’t so bad in comparison.  I’ve emailed the nurse to check and make sure extra strength Tylenol is still okay to use.  It was okay during my IUI’s, but I wasn’t on Menopur and I wasn’t on such a high dose of meds back then…. you know, because I had a ton of eggs back then… that somehow went missing…

I’m starting to get anxious about the ultrasound on Wednesday.  Last year I was never worried because I produced follicles without any problems.  Now, since my AMH has gone down so much, there is no telling how my body will respond, or if it will respond at all.  Two days will probably go by just as fast as they always do… 24 hours each, but I bet it will feel a lot longer.  *Twiddles Thumbs*

The Little AMH That Could

So, I just got the results from the second AMH blood draw.  It’s now at 1.3, up from 0.67.  How does this number go up?  I have no clue.  How does it drop from 6.9 to 1.3 in nine months?  Also no clue, but I’m glad it’s higher than a 1, it gives me a little more hope.  I have a friend who had a 1.2 AMH and she had 12 eggs retrieved with 2 good ones to implant (none to freeze) and she ended up having a healthy baby girl.  Although I would like a couple to freeze, i’d be happy with a healthy enough one that it implants and stays with me!

I’m able to breathe a little better, but I’m still really anxious and nervous about whether or not my ovaries will respond.  I guess this is how everyone feels though…. huh?

Meds start on Saturday! Tick Tock!

Nursing Class

Whew… that was a lot of information.  My favorite part of the class was the nurse (she was awesome) and my second favorite part was learning that even though I will be taking 2-3 meds at a time, I get to mix them together and only do one injection a night! Woo! I had no idea that was a thing!  My least favorite part was when we had to pay $9,555.  Ouchy.  Later this afternoon I get to pay $3,000 for the meds.  Worth it!!

So, here is my dosage per day:

225 IU of Follistim
3 Vials of Menopur
(Do this for X number of days — depending on how the ultrasounds go)
Then eventually add in Genirelix for maybe 3-4 days
Then 2 trigger shots of Ovidrel 36 hours before retrieval.

Right now the retrieval is schedules for sometime between September 24-28, with transfer sometime between October 1-5, depending on how the follicles are growing… which is my biggest worry now that I know my AMH has basically disappeared.  My first ultrasound will be next Wednesday on the 19th.  Let’s go ovaries!  You can do it!

The Disappearing AMH

Last week I had a blood draw to check for diseases, blood type and AMH level.  The disease test is to verify that we don’t have any diseases that could transfer to other embryos kept in storage with ours.  I don’t!  My blood type is A positive! I never knew that, so that is exciting!  But my AMH level has vanished.  Last August it was 6.9 and now it’s 0.67.  WHAT?!  My doctor is 99% sure that it is due to a lab error.  With me having PCOS is it almost impossible for me to not have a high AMH level, and having it drop that much in a year is also impossible.

My doctor is amazing, by the way.  I emailed him, kind of freaking out, because I was concerned about the drop and the fact that we wouldn’t get the redo test results back in time for our nursing class.  He told me to just come in early tomorrow, before the redo blood test and he will do an ultrasound to check my ovaries.  Then he will be able to base a dosage off of what he sees in the ultrasound.  Whew!

I know the results have to be wrong, but there is still have 1% uncertainty.  I guess I will know by tomorrow afternoon for sure!  Come on error on the lab results!!