32 Weeks!

Of course this update is a day late…. that goes without saying.

Everything from the last post is still going strong.  I’ve taken my rings off, even though my hands aren’t swollen all the time.  I’ve had to pry them off 2-3 times now and I’m terrified that they are going to get stuck.  I can tell my feet are starting to swell too.  Just a little bit, but the toes turn white when I bend them and they just feel swollen.  Just standing in the shower makes my feet ache.

I have another “problem” starting.  I use quotation marks because although it is a problem, it’s fantastic.  My sweet tooth is taking on a life of it’s own.  Yesterday I ate a little bit of everything in the house that would be considered a dessert.  It was amazing.  I’m sure I’ll get “the look” when I step on the scale tomorrow at my OB appointment, but oh well.  This girl obviously wants sweets and she can have whatever she wants…. in moderation? 😉

I am absolutely ready to be out of this apartment and in to our new house!  Even though I’ll still have to walk the dogs for a little bit until our fence is built, it will be nice to not have to bend over to pick up the poo in a little baggy.  Ever bend over with 24lbs of  belly in front of you?  Not easy, or fun, or cute.  2.5 more weeks! I can do it!

Here is my belly!  Belly 32

9 more weeks at most! Woo!