27 Weeks! (Super late)

Ugh, so busy lately!  I don’t even have a belly picture this week.  I could get up and take one right now, but I’m absolutely, out-of-my-mind exhausted.

We sold our house in five days!  Oh, poop.  We’ve got an apartment set up, but we are house hunting like crazy.  I find myself looking at the same houses online over and over again.  I would LOVE new construction, but all the new construction is in tiny squish neighborhoods with not so good schools.  Blah…. we’ll find something I guess! 13 weeks to go…. 😉

No new symptoms or issues.  I don’t have gestational diabetes…. I found that out two weeks ago, but I think I forgot to mention it.  I’ve recently flipped a switch and instead of ice cream or candy at night, I’ve been craving popcorn or fruit or a glass of chocolate milk.  Since I’m gaining weight like a beast, this is probably a good thing.  1lb a week….. sure!

I promise to have a better, longer post next week (hopefully)… for now I’m going to lay down and try to rest for about an hour before it’s time to get up and look at more houses!  Eep!!