26 Weeks!

Wow, I feel like I just wrote my 25 week update.  I knew trying to sell our house was going to make time speed up!  Yikes.

My leg pain while sleeping has gone from a six out of ten, to an eight out of ten.  It’s so bad that when it wakes me up and I try to move I almost feel like whimpering out loud.  I certainly make a horrendous face and I might even groan or sigh.  I move onto my back for about a minute, let the pain subside, and then move to my other side.  I repeat this about 10-12 times a night plus I add in a pee break every 2-3 hours.  Sleep? Pssh! Who needs sleep!

Her kicks are now becoming kicks, punches and body slams.  Sometimes I get a tremendous amount of pressure somewhere in my belly and I end up being able to feel her entire body.  This must be when she’s stretching or barrel rolling.  It’s a neat feeling.  I have no clue what’s what though.  I know some women who say “I can feel her butt!”  I’m all like, “I can feel a lump! No clue what it is though!”  Maybe that comes later…

So far the house selling thing is going a little slower than I’d like.  Our realtor still doesn’t have any pictures on the website of our house.  I know that I don’t click on a link for a house if they don’t have any pictures.  I’m hoping once the pictures are up we will start getting some showings!  I’m not too excited about wrangling the dogs and getting them into the car while the showings are happening, but unfortunately they are not well behaved enough to be kept somewhere in the house during the showing.  Oh well, it’ll be worth it if we can get an offer or two!

Here is my belly.  I’m done with the naked belly pictures, from now on I will be posting clothed pictures.  I think it’s big enough now!

I decided to use a different bathroom to get a light look…. unfortunately it highlights our smudgy mirror.  Oops…. the mirror is too big for me to reach the top so the drips and smudges are just part of it.

Belly 26


Also, the munchies are getting me BIG time right now!  I hope the OB doesn’t get too upset with me when I gain more than the recommended amount. 😀