25 Weeks! (One Day Late)

Yesterday was my 25 week mark.  So excited!  I still feel like it’s early in the pregnancy… I don’t know when it will finally hit me that I’m a good ways past the halfway point by now.  I guess my family coming into town and telling me that I still look tiny didn’t help.  I mean, that’s great that I’m not looking too big for my week, but being told I’m tiny makes me feel like I’m not far along.  Does that make sense?

So, this week the insomnia has still been going strong.  My legs still feel like they are on fire while I sleep at night, and I am peeing every 2-3 hours on the dot.  We’ve been trying to get our house ready to have some Realtors come tell us what they think about it (yes, that’s right, we are going to try and sell our house while I’m at 25 weeks!  That sure does make me feel like I’m further along.. ;)) and my feet just can’t handle this extra weight.  I know it’s only about 16 pounds so far, and that I’ve got plenty more to go, but two-three hours on my feet and they hurt so bad that I can no longer stand up.  I have a feeling this house selling thing is going to be tough.  Not as tough as trying to sell the house with a one year old though, like our original plan.  Only time will tell!

I know there are other things to discuss, but my brain is fried this week.  I’m going to go continue to clean and make this place presentable before the Realtor gets here tonight.

Here is my belly!  I remembered to take a picture, but I did take it a day late.  I can tell that it looks a lot bigger this week than last week.  What do you guys think?  The picture looks a little blurry… I’ve been having a lot of problems with my Iphone lately, so I’ll just blame that.

Belly 25