19 Weeks!

19 weeks! Woo!  I’m almost halfway!  I know that my OB practice will let you go to 42 weeks, but I plan on inducing at 41 if she’s not out by then.  I am impatient, and that would be plenty of time for her to grow and be ready to see the world.

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my last post.  I knew that my family was going to be difficult, but the fact that they aren’t listening to me AT ALL really upsets me.  It’s like I’m a child and I’m not allowed to make my own life decisions, even though I’m almost 29 years old and pregnant with a child of my own.  It feels ridiculous and really irritates me.  My heart rate is racing enough on it’s own lately, so I’m going to have to find a way to keep calm about all of this, but it’s difficult.  Just thinking about it makes me grumpy/stressed all over again.  *Breathe Breathe*

So this week has been pretty much like the past few.  Bloody nose, back aches and feeling tired, but not exhausted (unless I don’t take a nap and I’m up past 8:30).  Sleeping is still giving me problems, but I’ve started taking a hot shower before bed and it seems to be helping me fall asleep better.  I would imagine this brain of mine is going to be in hyper drive for the next few months.  I’m already getting overwhelmed by everything we need to do, learn about, register for, and get set up.  It’s amazing how much stuff you need for a little, tiny person!  She’ll have more things than I have by the time she’s born!

We’ve decided on a name. ❤  No one gets to know it until she’s here, but my husband and I love it and I’ve been able to talk to her using her actual name.  It’s an amazing feeling.

I’m still not sure I’ve been able to feel her.  Sometimes when I lay down to sleep I can feel a little thump in my belly, right under my belly button.  There is no pattern or rhythm to the thumping, which is what makes me think it might be her.  I just wonder why it’s always in the same spot.  Is that normal?  I have a week and a half until our next appointment and our last ultrasound.  It will make me feel better if I can see her moving around on the screen.  Hopefully I’ll be able to feel her and be sure it’s her by then though!  My husband keeps telling me not to rush her and that she’ll move when she’s ready to move.  I have a feeling he’s always going to have her side. haha

Here is the belly!  Oh, and I finally got some bras this weekend at Kohls (I also got one at Destination Maternity, but it’s not great and it’s a nursing bra so I plan on waiting until they start noticeably leaking or I start breast feeding).  They are stretchy and soft.  Not very supportive, but I could care less about that right now.  They are so big it would be hard to have them lifted up regardless.  I also got two “panty bras” that I am using for sleeping.  They’ve made a world of difference with my sore nipples.  They are not even a little bit supportive, but they keep them in place, which keeps my nipples from rubbing against my shirts.  My next purchase will have to be underwear.  My favorite ones are cutting into my legs (yep, legs are getting bigger) and I think it might be causing some of my leg pain while I’m sleeping at night.

Belly 19