Magnesium — I Owe You My Sanity

I’ve started taking magnesium once a day.  Magnesium citrate, to be clear, since I heard it was the best at being absorbed.  I had to go to GNC to find this version.  I began taking this because I was recently prescribed an anti-depressant.  I knew as soon as I held the prescription in my hand that this was not what I wanted to do, but I felt I had an obligation to myself, my daughter, and my husband to try it.  I was in no shape to take care of anyone in the state I was in.  So I filled the prescription and took it.

And I got SO SICK.  Not just physically, as I felt like I was going to vomit every minute of the day, but I also spent an entire day curled up in my bed, sobbing.  Sobbing, and sobbing, and sobbing.  I sobbed myself snotty, I sobbed my eyes swollen, I sobbed myself into a pounding headache.  Just when I thought I couldn’t cry anymore, I did.  Then I was really, really, really sure that this was not the path I wanted to take, so I did some research.

I learned that a lot of anxiety problems are caused by a magnesium deficiency.  Apparently all our processed foods do not having any magnesium thrown in at the end, so most diets nowadays do not contain any.  There are non-processed foods that contain high amounts of magnesium, such as Spinach, Chard, and dark chocolate, but I don’t eat a lot of any of the high magnesium foods (although I plan on loading up on dark chocolate – tehehe – Also, what the hell is chard??)  So I got some magnesium supplements and started taking one a day.  The suggestion on the bottle is three a day, but I didn’t want to over do it.  So far it’s been two weeks of taking a B complex vitamin and fish oil in the morning after breakfast, then taking a magnesium around 1pm when I put little E down for a nap.  I decided to take this at this time because I heard conflicting stories about magnesium making people really tired, or really jazzed up if taking it before bed.  Turns out magnesium gives me energy.  I haven’t napped IN TWO WEEKS!!  I also *drum roll please* haven’t had an anxiety attacks in two weeks, which is amazing because I was having them daily.  Some worse than others.  Some of the worst being really, really bad.  For anyone who has extreme anxiety, you know that it can get so severe that it causes depression.  I was there.

So, magnesium has saved me.  I feel like a completely new person.  I am also working in an anxiety workbook, suggested by a fellow blogger and friend, which is helping me understand my anxiety and how to live with it, but not let it control my thoughts and actions.  It is very helpful so far, although I haven’t made it to the juicy goods yet.  I’ll update once I do!

If you are feeling like anxiety is taking over your life, like I did, then I suggest you look into magnesium.  It could be a simple mineral missing from your life that can help you feel like a normal person again.  Maybe even better than normal.  So far I have had two weeks free from debilitating anxiety and chronic fatigue.  That is more time away from anxiety than I’ve had in months, and more time away from chronic fatigue than I’ve had in my entire life.  Not to mention that I sleep better at night!  WIN!

I found this page really helpful.  Magnesium can affect way more than just your mood.  Talk to your doctor first if you have kidney disease or a heart condition.

18 thoughts on “Magnesium — I Owe You My Sanity

  1. Liz says:

    I’m so glad to hear this! I’ve heard magnesium works but never known anyone who’s tried it. I take 5-HTP but I’m interested in switching to magnesium soon.

  2. I love that you shared this!! I had PPD with my first baby and am terrified of having it again this time. I think now I will amp up my magnesium intake!! I think my body is craving it already considering that I am craving the mag-rich foods you mentioned. I know that I HAVE to take b-complex for sure or I am just not myself.

    • I’m just so confused that doctors don’t go to that kind of thing first! Mine even sort of rolled his eyes when I told him I had started a B vitamin. I told him I was extremely anxious and it would cause bouts of depression, and he immediately went to the anti-depressant! I’m so glad to know that others have found help with natural methods. Although I do believe that meds are also necessary at times, I feel like doctors should start with easier things first, you know?
      I’m hoping you avoid to PPD this time around!! It’s so hard to take care of yourself and a baby to start with, adding PPD on top is just so so so much harder!

    • I’ve actually had to stop taking it because I had a chemical pregnancy and since I’m not sure if I can get pregnant and keep it, I have to be careful because the magnesium I take (magnesium citrate) is a class C for pregnancy. I tried magnesium oxide, but it didn’t work at all. I’d heard that, which is why I started with the citrate. It absorbs into the body better! (If you have stomach issues from the citrate, I hear you can take magnesium glycinate). **Not supposed to take magnesium if you have heart or kidney problems**

      Anyway…. that long story out of the way, I was taking one of these a day…. (I got them at GNC) They really are miracle workers, but until I can figure out what’s happening in baby making town, I have to stick to my B-complex vitamins only. 🙂

      • Liz says:

        Oh ok. Well congratulations! That’s actually kind of funny because I wanted to switch to it because my health care provider told me it was safe with pregnancy at 400mg or less. (not pregnant, but thinking about it). Uh oh. I wonder who is right! Yikes.

      • Liz says:

        PS someone just informed me that a chemical pregnancy is more commonly referred to as a miscarriage. I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize. I know that’s difficult, a lot of people in my family have dealt with them.

      • Yes, sorry, for some reason it seems less hard to call it a chemical pregnancy. It’s my second one (first was in 2011 during fertility treatments), and I was pretty sure there was no way I could get pregnant in any sense, so it’s kind of weird, and interesting, and a little sad.

        I know that magnesium oxide is safe to take with pregnancy. I just think the citrate is off limits. 🙂

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