Accidentally Artificially Inseminated – Like That’s A Thing

Has everyone heard of this new show coming out this fall called Jane The Virgin?  Yes? No?  Well, I’m not afraid to say that I am a little miffed over the whole premise.  I mean, I tried to be artificially inseminated three times, on purpose, with a belly full of injection marks from hormone shots. So, thinking about a show based on a girl who goes to a gynecologist appointment and ends up being inseminated on accident, really, it kind of boils the blood.

Do people who come up with these ideas have any idea of what they are doing?  Have any of them actually been to battle with the infertility monster?  If not, then I say they do not get to write a show about it.  I know, I know, they write shows about space travel and no one has any experience with that, but space travel is cool, artificial insemination (while cool in that it is a thing that is there to help out those of us who cannot get pregnant naturally, for whatever reason), is not something to joke about, or to make seem like it could happen to you while you’re in for a pap smear.  It is serious business.  Artificial insemination is there for us who struggle to get pregnant, or who do not have all the required parts to get pregnant, or both.  A show about a 23 year old who is too devout to have sex before marriage, yet ends up pregnant on accident, is just wrong.

…and don’t get me started on the logistics.  I’m guessing this will be her first time in, so she won’t understand the lingo.  She’ll think the giant catheter is normal, and won’t understand why everyone keeps talking about semen.  I honestly don’t know how they will make it work, or if it will just seem so insane to those of us who know exactly what it’s all about, that we will riot and throw our drinks at the television shouting “artificial insemination is not a joke!  It is important, and taken very seriously by patient and doctor!  Stop the madness!”

Or maybe that will just be me and everyone else will love it and it’ll be a big hit.  Whichever it is, I think it would make me a little to hyped up to watch.  I wonder what everyone else thinks….

Here is the extended trailer for the show.  In it, you’ll see that not only did the doctor inseminate the wrong lady, but the doctor is the sister of the semen donor, and didn’t realize that it wasn’t her brothers wife that she was inseminating.  *sigh*… I give up!


9 thoughts on “Accidentally Artificially Inseminated – Like That’s A Thing

    • I think a lot of “us” will be posting about this show. I was in shock when I first saw the preview. Talk about a way to make such an important thing look silly, unprofessional, and EASY.

      I read through a bit of your blog today, and I cannot believe what you’ve been through. I definitely cried along to some of your posts. I know we just met, but I am sending you so many cyber hugs right now.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lol have you seen season two? The wife well now ex-wife of the semen donor goes crazy and steals his second sample and inseminates her self. I didn’t expect that. Best SHOW EVER.

    • This was written quite a long time ago, before it aired, so I had no idea the show was set to be a telenovela. Even so, I still would not have thought it was amusing at that point in my life. 😉

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