Eating Machine

My little one is an eating machine.  We are trying to get her onto an every 2-3 hour schedule, but sometimes she will start at 1:00, eat for 30 minutes, sleep/chill for 30 minutes and be ready to do it all over again at 2:00.  Apparently they can go through a big growth spurt from 7-14 days old, so I’m thinking this might be what she’s doing right now (8 days old).  I don’t mind too much since my breasts are finally starting to adjust to having a little baby on them for hours and hours and hours a day.  They are still bleeding and a bit scabby, but compared to a few days ago, they are practically healed.  I’m having some trouble with righty, she’s lazy.  Lefty is leaking all the time.  I can’t wear pads, since they stick to the scabs, but the lactation consultant at the hospital gave me breast shields that keep my nipples puckered and catch the leaking.  If I bend over, it leaks all over my shirt.  So far this has happened every day.  I just can’t seem to remember!

The hemorrhoids and the tears seem to be healing well.  I’m still bleeding, but it’s only enough to need a normal pad during the day instead of two lined up going belly button to lower back.  Sexy.  I’m actually in normal people underwear today!  I’ve been in hospital mesh panties for a week, so it’s nice to have my normal stuff on.  I also don’t have to use the numbing spray on the nether-regions anymore, or take the oxycodone.  I do still take an Ibuprofen each day for back pain, but from the amount of drugs I was on at the hospital to now, it’s a huge change.  Let’s me know that I am healing.  Oh, and I know most people don’t think this way, but being at the hospital was amazing.  The nurses were always ready to help and teach.  Going home was a little scary…

Motherhood is scary.  I am constantly worried about her.  I wake up all night and make sure she is okay.  I worry that when we wipe her after a dirty diaper we may not wipe good enough and she’ll get an infection.  I worry that her clothes are too hot or too cold.  I worry that she’s not eating enough (even after she feeds for 30-40 minutes).  I wonder if I’m holding her head stable enough so that I don’t hurt her neck.  It’s a crazy time for my brain.  I’ve had a few breakdowns with uncontrollable crying, but my husband has been very supportive.  He makes sure that when this happens I get a nap in right away.  I worry about what life will be like when he goes back to work.  I am glad to know that his parents and my parents are only 2.5 hours away if I need them.  I’m hoping I can handle it, but I’m worried about taking care of her, and me, and the two dogs all day.  I worry.  I’m a worrier.

12 thoughts on “Eating Machine

  1. roadtofertility says:

    Congrats on your little girl 🙂 when my sister in law had my niece I remember her having several breakdowns. Motherhood is difficult especially as a first time mom (I will be experiencing this soon!) but it sounds like you’re doing amazing and you have a great support in your hubby. So happy for you and keep on keeping on!

    • It’s weird that my breakdowns don’t seem to be related to being stressed, which is good. I just get so tired and I just start crying. We will see if the breakdowns change to stress once the hubby goes home. Eep! I think spouses should get at least a month off with a newborn. 😉

  2. About the nipples and sores on them, take some see through plastic, the ine used to store foods in the fridge, after feeding your baby, massage in some breastmilk on the nipple so they are wet and place the plastic over the nipple. This a midwife told me to do and it all healed within 2 days and I was bleeding and stuff. The plastic just need to cover the nipple and areola.

    And congratulations to your little daughter!

    • That is great to know, I will have to try that if they get nasty again. Luckily, they seem to be getting used to the brutal feeding schedule. 🙂 I know the time will fly by, but I can’t imagine what it will be like to breastfeed for an entire year… ah!

  3. sounds like you are doing amazing and all the hormones are normal. the clustee feeding is no fun… its hard for you to heal when all they want to do is eat!!! but keep it up! sometimes they will feed every 3 hours then other times of the day non stop. glad you are on the mend though. congrats again!!

    • Thanks lady! Glad to know that she isn’t the only little girl waking up at all hours of the night for more grub! How is your little one doing? I can’t believe she’s over a month old already…. time just makes no sense to me right now! haha

      • the universal unifier is that we all cry more when we are tired. babies included. things are going much better except Tabs and I both are congested!!! not sure if it is allergiesfrom the hill country or what but it is breaking my heart… hearing her congested and having trouble breathing is KILLING ME. I am using saline drops and the nose frieda aspirator which makes me and her cry every time. ugh. she is really happy otherwise… I am the worried one.

  4. Yay for doing good. The first few weeks are weepy for everyone, blame hormones. It will get easier. Get some lanolin and that will help with the sticking nips and the medela pads don’t tend to stick to bleeding nips. I love that spray for the torn up lady piece, glad you are healing well. Th worry never goes away, comes with being a mom.

    • They don’t even let the hospital give you lanolin anymore, so I’m kind of “eh” about using that junk. They are healing fine with out it, and I have to wear the nipple shields to help the nipple stick out more anyway, so the pads aren’t an option for me at this point anyway. 🙂
      Lady bits are healing nicely (as far as I know). The pain is dissipating. I can’t bring myself to look down there though. I’ll just have to let the doctor let me know how it’s going at my six week checkup.

      • haha good idea. I was traumatized from seeing the massacre that was my lady piece after Sydney. Weird about the lanolin. The LC at the hospital gave me a ton of it. And the soothie gel pads. Is she only nursing off the shield? Also you are supposed to take them off after you nurse, so you can wear pads.

      • I take the shield off to nurse. The shield is used to keep my nipples perkier for when it’s time to feed her. Wouldn’t do any good to wear a pad after she nurses because they wouldn’t be perky for her by the next feeding. They have air holes in them and a catch for the milk that leaks.

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