36 Weeks!

Here I am at 36 weeks (as of 5/27)!  I’m almost considered full term! Whoa!

Swollen feet, increased Braxton Hicks, decreased brain power… but relatively feeling good! I’ve been able to unpack boxes and even make dinner the past two nights.  I am REALLY wanting to make chocolate chip cookies today, but that would require a trip to the store…. we will have to see how that works out for me.

The new house is amazing!  I love the house, the community, and the location!  I’m in love. So glad we got in just under the buzzer!  I’ve got enough clean clothes for her in case she decides to come early, and her bassinet is set up and ready to go too!  I’m wondering if that nesting thing is going to set in before she gets here so I can get EVERYTHING ready!  I guess we will see….

Here is my belly!  Is it just me, or does this look A LOT lower than last week?  Doctors appointment is tomorrow and then I’ll be on a weekly schedule! AHHH! 🙂

Belly 36


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