10,000 Views and The All Time Favorite

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have just passed 10,000 views in under a year.  I know some blogs get 10,000 views a day, but I am so proud of this blog and the things I’ve been able to share.  I know it seems like I’ve strayed from my original purpose of explaining fertility issues, but I have had reason to celebrate my weekly pregnancy roll-overs that I thought I’d never have.  I know a lot of those in the infertility world decide to keep the blogs free of bump pictures, for fear of making others sad, and I completely understand.  I avoided bump pictures like the plague when I was struggling.  I was always happy for those ladies, but even attempting to claim that those pictures never bothered me would be insanity.  I know I’ve lost a lot of my regular readers because of the change, but I am always hopeful that once they achieve their pregnancies, they will come back and be okay with reading my updates.

I will always be infertile, and in a few years we will go through an FET with our two frozen embryos.  I will be right back into the swing of fertility treatments.  For now, I plan on continuing my updates until I pop.  Once I pop, I’m going to switch over to a blog with my real name and real information.  It will not have anything to do with infertility.  In fact, I won’t even mention how my daughter was conceived.  I will probably discuss my PCOS, but that is all.  My personal (real) blog will be about becoming a mom.  All the new things I will learn and do for my little one.  If any of you are interested in this new blog, I will post a link to it in a few weeks (once she makes her appearance).  I will only post the link for one week.  I never want that blog traced back to this one.  I do not want my entire world to find out what I went through.

So, there you have it!

In other news, having to do with my 10,000 views.  I have to tell you my number one searched for thing that leads people to my blog.  I’m not sure you’ll ever believe it, but the number one thing that leads new people to my blog is “how to make yourself infertile.”  Now, this can be taken two ways.  Some people are finding my by trying to figure out what NOT to do, because they don’t want to become infertile, but others are finding me because they WANT to become infertile.  Mostly men, actually.  I hope that once they find my blog, and read my entry about what not to do to become infertile, they may change their mind on trying to make themselves infertile.  Who knows though?  To each their own, but I will warn you, men who want to become infertile, you may not want that for the rest of your lives.  If you are young and want to do that because you think it would be nice to go around banging anything that moves without possible complications of pregnancy, than you are an idiot.  You need to worry about STD’s.  You need to worry about what sex means.  You need to think for a few seconds about the future and whether you want children.  Give it a whirl, guys.  And for those who are truly interested in figuring out what to do to prevent becoming infertile, bravo.  I will try to learn more about this and post more tips when I get back into the swing of infertility updates.

So, ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you so much for reading and showing an interest in my life and my struggles.  I hope I have brought you information, laughs, and hope for the future.  I hope to continue doing these things for as long as I have something semi-interesting to discuss.

One more thing before I go.  I went to a friends baby shower today.  I was sitting with a table of girls who were talking about how they hope they don’t have ugly babies because they aren’t sure they could love them.  One girl even said that if she has a girl she’ll sell it to China, because girls are horrible.  I know that most of the giggling girls at the table have no understanding of what it means to not be able to get pregnant.  I actually left the shower early because I was so moody.  Although I would never wish infertility on my worst enemy, I just wish people would take a few seconds to THINK before they say such nasty things.  This is why this blog is so necessary.  This is why our blogging community is so special.  We all understand and support one another.  You all are amazing ladies and men.  Thank you for being a huge part of my life this past year!  And many more as we continue on into our journeys and adventures!


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