35 Weeks!

Wowzers… Woo!

Okay, so I’m still feeling pretty good.  The hemorrhoids are getting worse.  I think I’m going to have to get something to at least keep the aching away.  I have a friend who told me that she made pads for after delivery.  She put witch hazel on them and put them in the freezer.  I think I’m going to do the same.  Should help with the pain from pushing her out, as well as the hemorrhoid pain, which is sure to get worse after delivery.  Is it too early to sit on one of those doughnut cushions? Ha!

I spoke with the OB about the chiropractor.  She said that she’s not sure what happened, but that it would be best to not have anymore adjustments during the pregnancy.  I agreed.  I then went in and talked to the Chiropractor that I like and explained what happened and why I wouldn’t be coming in for a while.  He understood, but he also had no idea why the adjustment caused me so much pain.  I guess I’m just a special case.  The back pain is still the same if I’m not laying in the recliner or laying down to sleep, so there is no hope that adjustments will help that anyway.  My biggest problem is going to be the leg pain while I’m sleeping, but I’ll take it over the (mental) trauma of a horrible adjustment.

We should be able to do the final walk-through of our house today! Yippy!  We should be moving in on Thursday —- I hope I hope!  I am ready to nest!

Here is my belly!  I know I missed a picture from last week…. We’ve actually missed two pictures of my full body transformation that we take in front of the white board.  We’ve been busy/tired/lazy.   I think my belly looks outrageously bigger.  I wish it was possible for you all to SEE the foot that is constantly poking out of my side.  It’s pretty wild and completely amazing.

Belly 35


2 thoughts on “35 Weeks!

    • I have no idea what kind of pain it is. All I know is that if I lay in the recliner, slightly tilted to the left, with my right arm raised over my head, the pain will eventually ease up. haha I’m glad I’ve found a system, but I’m sure I look ridiculous.
      My back pain started pretty early too. I was always amazed how early symptoms started. I hope you find a neat way to relieve your pain too! And I hope you are feeling marvelous! 🙂

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