33 Weeks

…as of yesterday, 5/6/2013.

I am so tired.  I feel like she’s tripled in size since last week.

I went to the chiropractor today.  Apparently my horrible back pain is being caused by a big ol’ belly pushing my ribs up, while my giant boobs push my rib cage down.  They are battling for heaviest part of my body.  Belly is winning, of course.  You should have seen the look of pity on his face when he thought I only had four weeks left and I informed him that it could be up to eight.  It was pretty sad, for both of us.  At the beginning of the appointment he walked in and said “wow, the change in your whole demeanor from last week to this week is pretty crazy.”  I guess I’m starting to look as rough as I feel.

I’m still excited for every kick and movement I feel from her!  I’m glad I still have quite a few weeks left though.  With the move coming up, I’m going to need them!  I’m ready to actually take all of her things out of boxes and KNOW what we have and don’t have!  After three showers, we are still in need of a car seat, stroller, car seat bases (2), changing pad, breast pump, bottles, hamper…..  I guess cute outfits are much more fun to buy than necessities.  I am very grateful for what we got though!

Here is my belly…. it could still have EIGHT WEEKS to grow!  I am just so confused as to how that is a possibility.  The goal is to take it as easy as possible and just patiently wait for her arrival.  *twiddles thumbs*

Belly 33


4 thoughts on “33 Weeks

  1. Wow, that bump! It definitely looks bigger than last week. It’s kind of popping out! But what a wonderful thing 🙂 means she’s getting bigger and stronger. Can’t believe u have to move in your last 8 weeks. Horrendous. I hope ur back gets better 😦 xx

  2. roadtofertility says:

    You look great! Yeah I haven’t had a shower yet but I’ve been to a bunch and have noticed the same thing..people just love to buy clothes and whatever lol. Good luck with the move!

  3. Well, you look AWESOME. And sadly, the bump’s gotta get big to fit a 7lb baby in there. Even when I see giant bellies, and then I see the baby, I am like, how did that kid fit in there?!
    8 more weeks, I know it seems daunting. It will arrive. I promise. Hope you get all the purchases made, sorry you’re left with some big items =\

  4. That’s my biggest concern about my upcoming shower…I stalk the crap out of my registries and there is nothing bought. I know there are still a few weekends left but the shower is happening at week 35 and we won’t have much time to get these necessities if we don’t get them at the shower! From your pictures you look pretty great for feeling so huge. Let me know if/when you want a maggie moo’s retreat 🙂

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