32 Week Checkup

Everything is looking great!  Heartbeat strong and I only gained 2lbs.  I have no idea how that is possible with the amount of sweets I’ve been stuffing my face with, but yay!

The doctor says my hemorrhoid problem is probably only going to get worse because of the weight of the uterus and whatnot, but since I’ve dealt with this problem off and on since high school, I’m not worried about it.

I asked if my hubby needs the Tdap.  I was told yes.  I wish they had told me that 15 weeks ago when they asked if I had it.  That seems like it should all go together “have you had the Tdap?  Has your husband?”  Oh well, I’ll get him in to get his shot soon.

For now, everything is good to go!  Next appointment is the 17th!


4 thoughts on “32 Week Checkup

  1. Yay! So happy 🙂 Totally envious of the lack of insane weight gain =P But NOT envious of the hemorrhoids. I guess we all have our “pregnancy daemons.”

  2. I tried to get hubby TDap at my dr office and was told he has to go to his own GP. I’m curious though if your office would’ve offered it!

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