So This Is What It Feels Like…

…to be in the third trimester.

It hit me hard today.  I couldn’t sleep past 8:00 this morning, so I’ve been exhausted from the moment I rolled myself out of bed.  I also have a soreness in my side.  It feels like my skin is stretched so far that it might tear if I move too suddenly.  I don’t think it’s actually my skin, but a muscle under my skin.  All normal from what the internets say, but it really does put a damper on doing anything useful when it’s difficult to stand up straight.

I’ve also been a bit nauseous today.  I had a sandwich with turkey on it, and apparently I’m back to my first trimester hatred of turkey.  We had a good run in the second trimester, turkey, but I think you are going to be a husband only lunch meat for the next little while.

Also, bending over? Yeesh.  I feel like I’m going to pass out or vomit as soon as I tip my head even slightly past my stomach.

Is it worth it? Absolutely!  I just hope all my nausea inducers from the first trimester don’t come back.  What would I do without ice cream for the next 11 weeks?! Ah!

8 thoughts on “So This Is What It Feels Like…

    • EVERYTHING! haha Since we are moving I don’t have anything done. Nursery isn’t set up, clothes aren’t washed… you name it, it’s not done. 🙂
      Luckily we should move in to our new house at the end of May, so as long as she stays in there until around her due date, we should have 3-4 weeks to get things set up and ready for her.

      • Yeh good point I guess you can’t do anything really till you move. Have you finished your shopping? Ill keep my fingers crossed that she stays in her oven till her due date. When is your due date? Most first timers go over their due date don’t they? Or I thought they did anyway xx

      • Yes, it is typical for first timers to go a week or more over their due date. I plan on being induced after a week past. No offence to her schedule, but 42 weeks pregnant seems like way too many weeks. haha
        I have to buy a few more cloth diapers, but other than that I think we will be set after the showers! We are having THREE baby showers! Lucky us! 🙂
        How have you been feeling? I’m hoping you haven’t got too many first trimester icks!

      • Wow you get three showers that’s crazy!! Your super lucky! 🙂 whos throwing them? when is your actual due date?? yeh I wouldn’t want to go 42 weeks either. My sister in law did and she was going wild wanting it out!!

        Sorry to sound so naive but what’s a cloth diaper? I clearly need to read some more books!!

        I’m ok, not as tired now, still a bit but not the level of exhaustion I did have. but I have reverted back to being a teenager and have spots all over my back and boobs, plus I’ve been throwing up every so often! And peeing all night!! And my boobs are still really sore! But all worth it! Xx

        I brought some maternity jeans today just because I’m super super bloated and my jeans are starting to hurt! I know it’s crazy early but with how bloated I am I’m struggling with clothes already.

      • My actual due date is June 24th, 🙂 My family, the hubs family, and then my friends are all throwing us showers. It’s going to be a very busy few weeks! Very exciting though! We have to have a bunch of separate showers because we all live in different places… it’s just easier that way.
        A cloth diaper is a washable diaper. You end up saving $3,000 or more during the diapering phase if you go this route. It’s a little messier, and you have more laundry, but they are cheaper overall, better for the environment, and better for baby as they decrease the risk of diaper rash. They have some adorable ones on It’s certainly not something everyone wants to do, and I say to each their own, but I’m pretty excited about anything that is a money and environment saver. I’m a super hippy at heart. 😉
        I was in maternity pants by 7 or 8 weeks too. I feel your pain! I have no idea how some of these ladies waited until 12 or more weeks. I was miserable! I also started peeing constantly from the very beginning and it’s never let up. Toilet paper in bulk is necessary! haha

      • Oh wow that’s so cool that you get three though!! I hope I get one :s. makes sense if everyone lives in different places, tbf our families also live like 2 hours apart so it may come to that too. Ohh wow, if it’s better for them I am definitely going to have a look at cloth diapers then. That sounds fab thanks for the tip 🙂 hehe I love that your a hippy at heart 🙂

        Oh wow, I didn’t realise that other people reach for the maternity pants early too. I was feeling like a proper chubby whale wanting to buy them. But I caved today. I am quite a curvy girl anyway, im not enormous but i have some padding!! but I have been so bloated and uncomfortable for the last two or three weeks that I have been living in leggings instead of my beloved jeans. So I caved and went and brought some today. That’s actually a huge relief to know you got them at 7/8 weeks too 🙂

        Well I hope the peeing eases off eventually, I’ve been running to and from the toilet for about 10 days now so only recently started. It’s the night time peeing that’s exhausting though!! Xx

  1. Oh man, I can empathize so much with this. 3rd tri really kicks your butt especially because we’re just so ready to meet our babies. I hope it eases up a little for you!

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