29 Weeks — So So Late On Update…

29 weeks this past Monday (4/8)!  To say that this week has been busy would be putting it mildly.  My family came into town and helped a lot with packing though!  That was great to have so much help getting all of the little stupid nic-naks into boxes.  We also moved just a few things into the apartment.  Ah, apartment living.  Not looking forward to that with two pooches to walk, multiple times a day…  I guess it will keep me active though.

I know I’m supposed to be more tired, but I think being so busy has kept me from passing out every day.  My legs still ache when I sleep.  Being active during the day, soaking in a hot bath (only my legs), or doing the stretches the chiropractor gave me is just not helping at all.  I give up.  I will just say that if this is the worst pregnancy thing I have, I am a lucky girl.

On the house thing…. we got an offer accepted today!  If all goes to plan, we will move in at the end of May.  This gives us a month to get acclimated to a new city.  Ah!  I could switch OB’s once we get out there (with four weeks left in the pregnancy) and go to the newest birthing center in our area, or I can stick with what I know.  We will be 25 minutes from our current doctor/hospital if I don’t switch.  It seems like a long time, but my family lives in the country and they all made it to the hospital for their births.  Although, looking at the newer one makes me really considering switching.  How hard to you guys think it would be to switch OB’s at 36 weeks pregnant?  Would it be worth it to be in a more updated hospital with a higher level neonatal unit?  I’m thinking yes.

I have no picture this week.  I could get up and take one right now, but I’m exhausted.  I’m not even going to proof read this entry, so I hope it’s readable.  🙂


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