Everything Is Driving Me CRAZY!!!

Okay, let’s just say that MAYBE this all has to do with pregnancy hormones…. but once you hear the things going on in my life, you may think it’s everyone else who is to blame.

1.  My sister is a gun loving, pro-choice hating, liberal-bashing conservative.  Actually, that describes about 99.9% of my family.  Not that I’m pleased with it, especially the parts of my family who don’t believe that two loving adults who happen to share the same undercarriage can’t get married, but I put up with it because I KNOW that changing peoples minds on politics is impossible.  They can’t change mine, so I don’t even attempt to change theirs.  That being said, my sister keeps tagging me in posts on Facebook that are completely wrong and sick.  For instance, two days ago she tagged me in a post that had two pictures, one said “conservative rape kit” and showed a gun and a pamphlet that said “castration made easy.”  The other pictures showed a pamphlet entitled “understanding your rapist” and a Planned Parenthood parking pass.  I asked her to delete me from the post because it was in such poor taste.  She refused.  She tagged me in another today about guns.  It wasn’t as horrible, but it’s just more and more weight pushing on my crazy button.  I (think) I now have it set up so that I have to approve anything I’m tagged in, but I guess I won’t know for sure until someone tries.  So… there is thing one.

2.  We are looking for a new house.  Our closing date on this house is the 17th.  It’s pretty clear that we are going into an apartment for a couple months, and we are fine with that.  This is a big step to buy our next house.  We want everything to be perfect for baby girl to grow up in.  My mom keeps sending me houses to look at online.  Now, don’t you think that I have seen every house online in the areas we are looking in?  If you think this, you are correct.  She also knows what we are looking for.  So, she keeps sending me houses that are not in the right areas AND don’t fit our criteria at all.  I know she means well, but she literally sent me 10 houses today and all of them were wrong.  Why does she continue to think there are houses out there that I haven’t seen yet??  Why is everyone DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

3.  Moving SUCKS!  Especially at 28 weeks pregnant when all you want to do is sleep, eat, and watch Sex and the City.  There are boxes just sitting here collecting dust… waiting to be filled.  I don’t want to move.  I want to stay here and nest and forget about all this craziness.

Ugh…. I think I’m starting to feel all this stress at once….. I wish I had some chocolate pie.

5 thoughts on “Everything Is Driving Me CRAZY!!!

  1. Oh my gosh, chocolate pie sounds AWESOME.
    Oh my gosh, your sister sounds INSANE. (wtf tagging you in weird posts?!)
    Oh my gosh, your mom sounds a bit like my MIL. You’re already on information overload.
    Oh my gosh, TGIF? 🙂

    • haha.. yes, TGIF for sure! Luckily I’m super busy tonight and tomorrow, so I can ignore my phone and the internet and not feel bad about it.
      My sister is insane…. totally out of her mind CRAZY BALLS!! My entire family is. I tell myself that if I didn’t look exactly like my dad and his mom, I’d swear I came from a different gene pool. haha
      Must find chocolate pie…..

  2. Ahh that sucks ur family has those views but your so right you can’t change there views and you can’t choose your family…. But that’s why we get to choose our friends :).

    Hey this sounds like a normal week of rage for me!! But I happen to have a ridiculous soap box and EVERYONE pisses me off constantly!! So I feel your pain.

    Is there anything you can do to relax? Maybe just sit down and watch the whole of SATC back to back… Not hat I did that recently or anything!! ;p *cough*

    I literally can’t believe your 28 weeks!!! Where has the time gone?! Xx

    • haha.. I can’t believe it either! Technically I’m 28.5 weeks at this point! Yikes!
      I am just so tired of people trying to make me feel bad for my opinions when I NEVER do that to them. I just ignore them because fighting with them is like beating my head against a brick wall. I could really go crazy on some people for what they think is right, but instead I watch The Daily Show, realize I am not alone, and then I am content again.
      I may have to see if SATC is on Netflix and spend all day Sunday watching it with my phone turned off. Oh wow… that actually sounds amazing. (Maybe I can find a chocolate pie too….) For now, I think I may take my second shower of the day. Showers are so calming. I wish our water heater had about 4,000 gallons of water. haha 40 just doesn’t seem like enough during stressful days. 😉
      Thank you for your reply. I feel much calmed to know that others get crazy too. 🙂

      • wow, time seriously flies, I cant believe I am 6 weeks tomorrow, where has the time gone?! Other than sore boobies, I am not sure I feel particularly pregnant, but I am sure that will change in no time at all.

        Yeh thats the thing though, when you are a liberated, open minded person, you find yourself being tolerant of all sorts of people who throw ridiculous comments around, and think nothing of it. When they are offensive and downright rude. But because were open minded we dont try and attack those people for it, yet they do it to us. Its because they are hypocrites. The problem is, its exhausting always being the bigger person.
        This is one of the reasons I blog, because so many people piss me off. Thats why I started blogging, because everyone annoys me and I work in the most bureaucratic conservative local government imaginable. #FML!!!

        Yeh thats a brilliant plan 🙂 I love SATC. I also love the L word, which is the lesbian version of SATC, both equally brilliant. Yeh I used to love showers, I seem to be a bit more of a bath person at the moment, but I figure its because we just went through the longest winter ever, and baths were the only thing that kept us warm!

        But yeh, feel safe in the knowledge that I am an equally angry pregnant person!! hehe. 🙂 x

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