28 Weeks! (A Day Late… Again)

Time is zooming.  It’s nice in one way (we get to meet baby girl quicker) but it’s also bad because we still haven’t found “that house” yet.  We found one that was pretty close yesterday, but it’s an area that we are a little unfamiliar with and we don’t want to rush into it until we really know what we are getting in to.  Actually, that’s probably more me.  I don’t do well with change and I’m pretty certain that baby girl is going to change EVERYTHING anyway!  Can I handle a new baby AND a whole new city? Eep! Help!

Anyway, other than the super horrific leg pain at night (chiropractor helps for about two-three days and then it’s back to the way it was), I am also having the extreme fatigue creep back in…. slowly.  I’m basically a zombie during the day, get pumped to go look at houses, and then go zombie again by 7:00.  I haven’t had time to nap because I am so preoccupied with looking at houses online.  Usually the same houses over and over and OVER again.  Will they change and be better on the tenth look?  No.  Ah! I think I’m stressed out!

I actually took a belly shot today! Yay! I’m on the ball a little bit!  Baby girl is finally starting to kick higher than my belly button.  Not often, but every now and then.  I’m wondering if she’s starting to go heads down now.  She’s still got 12 weeks to go so she can do whatever she likes as long as she’s happy.  She does LOVE to drum on my bladder.

Belly 28Whoa, that belly is much bigger than I imagine when I picture myself in my head.  Makes sense that I waddle when I walk now though. 😉


My goal is to start writing entries about things other than my weekly turnovers, but I’m just not sure my brain has the room for other thoughts right now.  I’d like to get back to my blogging roots soon.  I get lots of hits on my entries that are informative, and I’d like to keep helping others however I can.  It may just take a while for me to get the energy back for it.  I promise, they’ll come one day!

6 thoughts on “28 Weeks! (A Day Late… Again)

  1. Aww so cute! Time is zooming for me too. I’m ready for her but not at the same time. I love being pregnant. I’m feeling those bladder kicks as well and she is definitely up by my ribs. It doesn’t hurt but rather feels so strange! Alien baby in my belly!

  2. I am so smitten with your bump 🙂 She has REALLY GROWN! House hunting at 28 weeks pregnant. Hmmmmmmm…… I can see why you’re not sleeping 🙂

      • nah. not too much! I just read a blog where the blogger at 24 weeks pregnant got her crib set up. Mine is still in shambles in the room. But I just KNOW Tyler is going to finish all the projects and when I come back Sunday, we will be able to set up the crib. 6 weeks isn’t cutting in that close? (and duh, they don’t even use the crib in the first few months anyway, but it’s the PRINCIPLE of the thing).

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