17 Weeks!

Whoa, 17 weeks!  I can’t believe I almost forgot to do my update today!  My brain is all scrambled because my husband is out of town for work this week. womp womp!

So other than finding out the sex of the baby (Wooooo!!!) there hasn’t been any new things.  I’m still tired, but not napping everyday.  I’m still having trouble sleeping comfortably because my back feels like it’s completely out of whack.  I plan to visit the chiropractor tomorrow!  I’m sure they are going to be like “what have you done to your back!?”  I promise, it’s not me doing it.. it’s the little lady inside of me!  She’s allowed to do whatever she wants though.  I’ll take it!

My husband and I have started the list of names we like.  This is going to be extremely difficult!  We have two that we really like, but one of us each likes the other better.  Good thing we still have plenty of time to figure this out!  I just wish my mother would quit trying to call her names already.  Not suggesting names, but emailing me and calling her a specific name.  Like “thanks for the pictures!  Beth is so cute!”  What the hell??

This may be the slowest week of the pregnancy so far since I’m not working and I have no husband to keep me company at night.  *sigh*  I guess I’ll get plenty of research done for baby things!  I also need to purge more things.  I already tackled the hall closet and the guest room closet.  I’m terrified to even begin the nursery closet.  There is so much craft junk stuffed in there it’s not even possible to describe.  Just imagine if a craft store blew up and that will probably give you a good indication of how it looks.

Here is a picture of my bump… which contains a tiny, little, baby girl!  I took this picture at 5:00pm instead of early in the morning like normal, so it is mostly belly with a thick layer of bloat!  There is no doubt about it now… the top is definitely trying to catch up with the bottom.  It should be completely round in a matter of a week or two.  Crazy!  I guess that’s what you get when you have a big uterus. 😉

Belly 17

4 thoughts on “17 Weeks!

    • haha.. Oh, I have a problem alright. I’d need another full bedroom just to store this stuff in if I planned on keeping it all. The worst part is that I want to learn to sew this year and that means MORE crafting material in the house. Ah!

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