Okay, I’m not sure what’s going on today.  Maybe it’s a full moon?  Or the stars are in some sort of strange formation?  Or maybe, just maybe, everyone is crazy and I want to punch them all!

Today I decided to ask Facebook about some help with a home improvement project we are doing.  I asked about where they got their product and who installed it.  Simple, right?  Well, it was.  It was going great.  Lots of good information.  Then my mother saw the post.  It was about putting laminate in our living room and kitchen.  “Laminate is bad for your feet.”  “You could slip!”  “Wood laminate won’t look good in your kitchen”


So, then I’m trying to calm down and relax a little, and I get a Facebook notification from my sister telling me that I’m going to hate laminate.  Thanks, again, for telling us what we want/like/need.  Then she said I better get some no slip socks.  Because apparently I’ve never walked on laminate before in my life….. even though we already have it in our kitchen…..


So, then I get on gmail to chat with my husband, to tell him that my head is about to explode, and a friend of mine messages me.  I told him I was about to stroke out so I was trying to relax.  He said “you shouldn’t get stressed out.  You should get some exercise though.”  What the hell?  What does that have to do with anything? AND… I ALREADY KNOW THAT!! I AM NOT AN IDIOT!!!  Holy cow!  I told him that was exactly the type of thing that is stressing me out today… so he goes on and on about how basically I should accept the advice because he has experience, and experience is better than just reading.

Okay, I’m not saying that some advice isn’t good.  Like, “buy this type of towel instead of this type, because this type is more absorbent.”  Hey! Thanks!  But if you start telling me that “breastfeeding is better than formula feeding,” I am going to hunt you down and punch you in the face.

Is this going to continue the entire pregnancy and beyond??  How do I avoid my family and annoying friends for the next 5.5 months?  Is everyone experiencing this?  I think I need some ice cream…..

Did you know that calcium is good for you while you’re pregnant?


7 thoughts on “Argh!

  1. Welcome to the world of everyone else’s opinions. Opinions on how much weight you should gain, at what rate, etc. Opinions on should you be eating that. Opinions about what color to paint your nursery, what furniture to buy, to stay home with the child or work, c-section or vaginal, how long you should labor at home for, epidural vs no epidural, opinions on what you should and should not name your child , IT NEVER ENDS and I bet once you have the child, everyone has opinions on how you should be raising him/her!
    EAT THAT ICE CREAM! 🙂 enjoy it!

    • Ahhhhhh!!! lol Yes, I’ve heard most of these things already! The baby name things especially drives me nuts. How on earth can you try and tell someone what they should name their child?? Incredible!
      I’m sure that you are right that it NEVER ends…. yikes. Glad I don’t live near any of our family. haha

  2. It does seem to get worse during pregnancy – I don’t get what it is about pregnancy that makes everyone think that they can tell you what you should be doing. It’s the main reason I haven’t put anything on facebook about my pregnancy because then the unwanted advice will start coming out in droves.. And don’t get me started on naming advice. My own mother is the worst. I told her we already had names decided but aren’t sharing them (due to not wanting other people’s opinions) and she told me to give her a short list and she’ll see what she can come up with and maybe I’ll like those better. WTF? Sorry for taking over with my own rant.

    But hey, ice cream IS calcium so I say go for that 🙂

    • My mother is the same type of crazy when it comes to naming babies. She was not very happy when we told her that no one gets to know the name until the baby is out. 🙂 Mua haha!

  3. Yesterday I got a parcel from my parents in law full of wool clothes for the baby. Due in May. And then they called and explained how a baby needs a cotton shirt and a wool jacket on top. I expect that the time around the birth will be even more difficult, with people not only telling us what to do but also visiting us and expecting us to DO IT! I’ll practice my best “I don’t give a damn, my dear” 🙂

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