15 Weeks!

Today marks 15 weeks. and I must say that it’s nice to finally be considered a part of the second trimester now.  My OB said week 14 was the second, but websites vary from 12-15 weeks.  You’d think someone could get that figured out and regulate it across the pregnancy world?  Oh well, I’m finally there, officially, on all accounts.

Other than my stuffy head, bloody nose thing I’ve had going on, I am also feeling more “growing pains” around my abdomen.  I guess the uterus popping up and out causes quite a stir in there.  Plus the gas contributes to the fun.  I plan to relax (not get off of the couch) for the rest of the week to help ease the discomfort.

Other than the normal “i’m tired” complaint, I still have my “my nipples are sensitive” complaint.  Although, I’m not really complaining.  I still love all of my symptoms and would never be mad at them. 🙂  All the websites say that your breasts should not be as sore, and they are right, my breasts aren’t that sore, but the nipples are still super sensitive.  I need some new bras, but I’ve tried on about ten, of all different shapes and sizes, and none of them are fitting correctly.  I’ve heard this complaint from all of my friends who have been pregnant in the past.  I’m not sure what to do.  If I just go buy normal bras in a bigger size, I’m going to have to find a place who sells E’s and above.  I started as a DD and I know I’ve gone up at least two sizes.  Maybe I just won’t ever leave the house… problem solved… no bra needed!

Belly 15


Here is my 15 week belly.  It is noticeably bigger to all around me.  It looks the same in these pictures though.  I can feel it getting heavier when I’m sleeping on my side.  🙂

Next appointment: January 10th for a 16 week checkup.  Can’t wait! I’m getting antsy to hear the heartbeat, and have some satisfaction that everything is still going well in there.

9 thoughts on “15 Weeks!

  1. How exciting! I am 18 weeks and get to have my first ultasound next week! Around 15 weeks I really started to feel different in my stomach. It felt like there was a knot in there and I am definitely feeling like it’s in the way…finally…I’ve been wanting that! I am still so small for 18 weeks 😦 I hope I start popping more! Just wait until you feel kicks! We are feeling them with our hands already! CONGRATS and ENJOY!

    • I’ve always had a little bloat belly, so I think that’s why I look so popped out already! haha
      So exciting for you to be able to feel kicks with your hands! My husband was just asking me how soon you could do that, and now, thanks to you, I have an answer for him!
      Enjoy your first ultrasound! We had our at 12 weeks and it was amazing. 🙂

      • Yes, I can definitely feel the kicks now. My husband still can’t feel them though. I’m 21 weeks along, so I imagine he’ll be able to feel her any time now. He’s just not home at when she goes super crazy (in the morning). 🙂 Thanks for checking in!

      • I didn’t realize until my last appt that you feel kicks more or sooner depending on where your placenta is; mine is back so she sits forward on my tummy with no cushion. So I was able to feel her at 16.5 weeks and can watch her move often. She must be a morning girl huh? Remind her of that when she is a teenager and has to go to school! Lol

  2. I can definitely see a change in your bump! Have you been lying on your back in the morning and then feeling for your uterus? It’s kind of cool to feel a big hard thing suddenly appear below your belly button. And, in a week or two you might start feeling little pops or bubbles of movement! Glad you are doing great! Let me know if and where you find a good bra…. I am in need.

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