13 Weeks!

Today marks 13 weeks!  My belly is getting bigger and harder by the day… and I love it!

We had a Christmas party with some of our closest friends on Saturday.  We decided to go ahead and have a little reveal with them since it’s almost impossible to get them all together at one time.  We always do Greedy Santa at our Christmas parties, so this year we decided to do it again and have our surprise waiting in one of our gifts.  It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.  My friend since middle school was here and she was picking third.  I was picking fourth.  And yay for me, she chose my gift (I stole it from her immediately afterwards)!!  She opened it, and inside contained three baby hats and three baby onsies, one of which had “Baby Ross” painted on the front.  She said “whaaaat??”  Then she showed it to everyone else in the room and everyone was silent.  She obviously wasn’t satisfied with the silence, so she showed it to everyone again and then said “GET IT?!”  Hilarious.  Everyone finally put everything together.  Only two people of the ten knew about it ahead of time, so we had a lot of surprised people in our house.  I then proudly pulled out our hidden ultrasound pictures (including the picture of our little 8 celled embryos we got before transfer) and showed them to everyone.  Then I put them back in their spot on the fridge.  Everyone ended up getting pretty drunk and started asking us where in the house we made the baby and I just kept laughing, pointing the the fridge and saying “at the fertility clinic, remember?!”  I decided not to be shy about this because I want the girls who haven’t started trying yet to know that there are possibilities of having difficulties, and that if they do have to go through that, they know they have someone they can talk to about it.  I didn’t have that starting out, so I think it’s important.  I hope they all go on the be fertile Myrtles though. 🙂

Symptom wise, nausea is completely gone.  Now my appetite is coming back, including cravings for milk (milkshakes to be precise).  I’m catching up from 12 weeks without dairy I guess.  Yum!  My nipples are still super tender and they sometimes feel wet or cold, but they never are.  They may be leaking just a tad and it gets absorbed into my shirt or bra before I can see it?  As long as it doesn’t start gushing out while i’m out in public, I’ll be happy, but I don’t think it does that this early?!?

Anyway, everything is going to be pretty hectic the next two weeks.  Getting ready for Christmas and then traveling for a full week to visit both families.  My 14 week update might be combined with my 15 week.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season!!  Whatever you celebrate, or don’t celebrate, I just want you all to be happy and healthy!

Belly 13


There is my 13 week belly!  Again, rocking the bra-less, pajama look. 🙂  I have another party this week on Thursday (it’s a Christmas/End of the World party) and I’m not sure how I’m going to hide this belly.  It was really difficult this past weekend. I had to wear a big sweater all day (even though I was boiling).  I may have to do that again because I don’t want this group to know before my family.  They can know in January sometime. 🙂

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